“Tarot Through Your Life” Book and Video Series

Please excuse the mess around here. I am coming back to my Tarot roots. I have been working extremely hard on my business. Did you know I have a book and video series that teaches you how to read the cards? It’s called “Tarot Through Your Life.” You can find the link to it here.

This past week we spent about 80 hours sloughing through a pile of technical issues. Luckily, I have an awesome Geek God for a husband, and he was able to figure out the last few wrinkles!

Today I drew the 10 of Flames from the Witchy Tarot – and isn’t that just the way I feel? Like a kid in a candy store! I’ve been working on this project for almost 2 years (the book took me a year-and-a-half to write), and it is finally out. I couldn’t be happier!

Now, as far as my business goes, I took it in a direction that I’ve decided just isn’t right for me. I will still be doing some one-on-one coaching and group teachings, of course, but I’ll be doing a lot more readings than I have been doing the past couple of months, for a variety of reasons.

First of all, I just miss doing readings. I went to an expo last week and had to turn everyone away from readings. It felt really icky.

Second of all, I know charging less for readings isn’t as helpful. However, some people just need a little hope or a Band-Aid in their life – and who am I to deny that? While I love to work with people who are ready to make big changes, the majority of people are not there yet. And I realized that by not working with certain people I was not respecting them or where they are in this life. For that, I apologize.

Third, it’s my business and I can do what I want to. I’ll be focusing mainly on giving readings and teaching people to use Tarot themselves (again, check out my awesome new series here)

As far as my other cards for the day, I drew:

This is pretty priceless! My birth card is VIII Justice, and I just went through a HUGE transformation (XIII Death) this past week. The Tarot always knows. 😉

What have you accomplished this week? Do you have a major project such as a book that you’ve been wanting to tackle? It may seem daunting and overwhelming, but when you finish, you will definitely be like the 10 of Flames in this deck. Sure, it may take 2 years, but if you don’t start now, when will you start? Every day that you wait is another day that it will take to reach your goal.

I know you can do it. Let me know when you get started – I’d love to hear about it. You can also tell me at my Facebook page here. I can’t wait to see what you accomplish!

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