Tarot Blog Hop – Tea with Jackie O

Jackie oThis post is part of the Samhain Tarot Blog Hop. (See the Master List here).
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If I could invite someone to tea for Samhain/Halloween, Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis, or Jackie O would be my pick.

I’ve always admired her for her poise, her strength, and the way she stood by her husband. I also admire how she was able to be such a woman for the people while still maintaining her own privacy.

These days people seem to believe that stars, celebrities, politicians, and even athletes should reveal everything to the general public, as if it our business. People say that “we have the right to know.” But in all honesty, we DON’T have a right to know. We don’t have the right to know someone’s business, to dig into their personal lives, and to judge them just because they are in the spotlight while we maintain our own comfort and anonymity from our cozy home.

We don’t have the right to gossip about what others do or don’t do while we sit in comfort and take the easy way out because we aren’t willing to put ourselves in their situation. We aren’t willing to take a stand and go public. We hide behind our masks and these days avatars of kittens on Facebook and other social media sites while criticizing that “we could do better.”

But Jackie understood all of this. She understood how to maintain her composure even under viscous attacks, even when people threatened her and her family, even when her own husband was assassinated right beside her. She is the ultimate Chariot (shown her from the Shadowscapes Tarot by Stephanie Pui Man-Law), wielding the reigns through any number of treacherous pitfalls while staying in balance and looking damn good while doing it.

If I could have Jackie over for tea, I would ask her how she managed to do it all. Recently some statements have been made about how she was depressed after Kennedy’s death. To this, all I can say is, “Duh.” Of course you’re going to be depressed after the one you love is murdered in front of you.

shadowscapes chariotBut what I really want to know is how she withstood it all. How did she continue to put herself out there day after day, standing by her husband through the hatred and the turmoil. How did she manage to see the positive, when I cry just from someone sending a hateful email or writing a rude comment on my blog.

People who put themselves on the line, who go out there and stand for something, who actually DO something (not just talk about it on the internet) deserve our utmost respect, not our condemnation and judgement. We may not always agree with them, but they are people, too. I think Jackie would agree.

This post is part of the Samhain Tarot Blog Hop. (See the Master List here).
To see the previous post, go here. To get to the next post, click here.

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