Write a Story With Your Tarot Card

magician, tarot, wizard tarotToday’s card is the Magician from the Wizard’s Tarot by Corrine Kenner.

One great way to explore the Tarot is to write a story for your card. It’s fun to be as over-the-top and outlandish as you can possibly be. You can even invent other people, animals, or situations that are not pictured in the card! Here is an example from a recent class:

Once upon a time there was a young magician. He had learned a few things about magic while growing up on the shores by the ocean. He never knew he was a magician, only that he could do things others could not. He spent his days laughing and playing by the sea. One day an old man with a long beard came to visit his parents. The boy was taken to a nearby wizard’s school to learn about magic. He was overcome with joy.

Soon, however, the joy turned to dismay as his teachers gave him rule after rule, stifling his creativity. They even told him he could not practice magic except in class for assignments! This was ridiculous to the boy as he had spontaneously done magic all his life. The young wizard grew more and more distraught with the regulations, and began to act out. He chastised the teachers for warning him about the dangers of magic, and told them to shove their fluffy bunny, soft, and touchy-feely approach. And their rules.

On the night of Samhain Eve, the young wizard decided to do an advanced ritual. He gathered all of the materials he needed. This was magic beyond what he had done as a child. He began the ritual and his magical tools began floating around! The young wizard was overjoyed and began laughing. He raised his wand high overhead as the objects flew faster and faster around him. His hair blew in the breeze they created, and never had he felt so alive! He could even hear the sound of the ocean outside the window, a sound that took him back to his days of playing as a child.

A small crowd had started to gather down the hall and under the stairs. One or two students went to wake the headmaster and to get some of the professors. The excitement grew as the air filled with the electrical energy. The young wizard did not notice any of this as he was in a world of his own.

As the headmaster ran down the hall, the air around the magician went dark. A giant black rectangle formed over him, and no one could see him.Suddenly the rectangle shrank, and the young wizard had disappeared. His athame and cup fell to the floor with a shatter, and then silence as the candles blew themselves out.

No one ever knew for sure what became of the young wizard, but that doesn’t stop anyone from telling the tale. Some used it as a warning against being head-strong and using magic beyond your abilities. Others saw it as a demonstration of what you could do, and strived to become better at the art. As for me, I think the boy has gone somewhere that he can be free to use his abilities as he likes. When you go down the hall late at night, especially on Samhain Eve, some say you can hear the ocean, and a small boy laughing as he plays and explores his natural magical abilities.

One might surmise from this story that the author may find traditional rules, especially in school or other situations, to be overly-stifling. What you believe will often come out in unexpected ways when you tell a story about your Tarot Card. So go ahead and try it. I’d love to hear your stories.

Blue Moon Tarot

Friday August 31st is the night of the Blue Moon. This is the second full moon of the month, and we won’t see another one again until July of 2015.

The Moon affects the ebbs and tides of our emotions. While the last two weeks may have left you feeling completely off-kilter, things should be settling down now. What can you do to harness the power of the Blue Moon?

* leave all of your crystals out to charge
* do a special rite or ritual
* connect with your Spirit or Animal Guides
* meditate on what you would like next in your life
* get rid of things that no longer serve you – unclutter your life!

I like to do a Tarot reading to honor this time. Try this for yourself.

Blue Moon, Gilded Tarot, Queen of Cups, XIII Death, XII The Hanging Man, XIV Temperance, XV The Devil

I used the Gilded Tarot by Ciro Marcetti for this spread.

1. What gifts does this Blue Moon bring? This card is placed in the middle.

In my spread, it is XII The Hanging Man, Reversed. The Hanging Man has been through a great deal of trials and challenges. He has learned to look at his life from many perspectives. Now he is beginning to rely on himself and his own truths instead of being distracted by the advice of others, and is learning that that is enough.

The gift of this Blue Moon is a reminder to look inside yourself and rely on your own wisdom.

2. What do I need to focus on? This card is placed just to the right of the middle card.

In my spread, this is the Queen of Cups. I recently chose a new focus card, and she is the Queen of Cups. This is validation that I am on the right path.

3. What do I need to let go of? This card is placed below the middle card.

In my spread, this is XV The Devil, Reversed. This is my need for perfection, and to leave my life the way I think it is “supposed” to be lived. I have found myself struggling to create a schedule in my business because I keep feeling as if I need to work 8 to 5 like people do in the corporate world. Time to let that go and create a better life for myself.

4. What do I need to know about my relationships? This card is placed to the left of the middle card.

In my spread, this is XIV Temperance, Reversed. Things may be on shaky ground and out of balance. Luckily, the Queen of Cups will be able to help out!

5. What do I need to know about my business (or job/career)? This card is placed above the middle card.

In my spread, this is XIII Death, Reversed. Death is all about changes, and now that it is reversed it looks like some things will finally be settling down. Hooray! My business has gone through so many changes this year, it’s insane. I’m glad I did an about-face and picked back up where I should be.

What about you? What does your Blue Moon Tarot spread say for you? If you are doing this under the Blue Moon tomorrow, feel free to use crystals and make a whole ritual out of it. I’d love to hear about it!