How To Get A Great Tarot Reading

Your Tarot Reading

You’ve booked your Tarot reading. Congratulations! Now what?

Every Tarot reader does things a little bit differently. Even if you’ve had a Tarot reading before, when you see a new reader the experience can be totally different. Here are a few tips to make the most out of your Tarot reading.

 1. Have a Question? Let your reader know if you have a specific question that you want to know about. You can do a general reading, but if there is something going on in your life, it’s great to bring that to the cards up-front.

2. Spill It! Don’t just sit there and uh-huh or wait for the cards to predict your future. The best Tarot readings are ones where you are involved. You might not want to tell your reader every sordid detail of your life story, but you do want to address what you see in the cards or what you are feeling about what she says.

You can spend your time waiting for the cards to reveal what your real question is, or you can use that time to dive in deeply and get the answers you are really looking for.

3. Take Notes. Jot down the highlights so that you don’t get so involved in taking notes that you miss the process of the reading. If we are doing an in-person reading, you can even take photos of your cards. Ask if you can record the reading. Most phones have an app that will easily do this for you.

4. Find Your Own Outcome. Don’t like the outcome the cards predict for you? Explore what you can do to create the future that you really desire! The cards only reveal what is most likely to happen if you stay on your current path. Change your choices, and you change your future. It’s always up to you.