Good Night, Patches

Last night we had to say good-bye to our little kitten Patches. A few months ago I went to the mailbox around 10 or 10:30 at night, and I heard this screaming that, as it got closer turned out to be meowing. I was afraid one of our cats had gotten into the neighbor’s yard, so I went toward the fence and called for them.

Then this little white furball practically jumped into my arms. I grabbed him and took him home. He was half-starved, had ear mites and ringworm, and was about the happiest, loviest little guy you’d ever meet. He would climb up on us and head-butt us in the face and purr, purr, purr.

Patches had a great time in our home, and even taught our older cats how to play again. He did well for a couple of months, then started going downhill again. We tried antibiotics and other medications, but nothing worked. He was diagnosed with FIP (which means they really have no clue, but that he’ll die).

So last night we had to let our little guy go. Since I always say Tarot can be used for practical things, I decided to do the Karmic Relationship Spread for me and Patches using Tarot of the Magical Forest. You can find this spread and many others in my book and video series “Tarot Through Your Life.”



Me – 8 Strength. Generally, I am a very strong person. Maybe too strong. Some people tell me that my life is so hard because God knows I can handle it. Sometimes I think that’s BS. On the other hand, this could just be a representation of my loving on my kitty Patches.







Patches – Queen of Wands. I’m kind of at a loss with this one. Patches is a fiery little devil who loves to play and loves to love. However, he had to deal with a lot as he got sicker and was unable to play as much. The other thing about this card is that the Queen of Wands is supposed to be my card. And notice, there’s a little loyal kitty in this card, too. Patches often sat by as I worked all day.

Karmic or Spiritual Lessons this Card is Helping Your Learn – Great, thanks for that. Okay, really, what I see in this card is that we all experience pain and hurt, but we have to learn to weather the storm.


Who or what is a help to your relationship – 3 of Cups. We had some great times with Patches around. EVERYONE loved him. Okay, JoJo still hissed at him a lot, but I think that’s because he could smell that he was sick. Last year his brother Sebastian passed away, so I’m sure he was more familiar with what was going to happen.

At any rate, remembering the fun times is always good, and celebrating the joys we have in life. Part of the reason I left psychology was because so many people kept dying, and so for a while I got really depressed about it all. Now we have animals that keep passing away.

I keep fighting that helping people transition from this life is what I should be doing. At some point maybe I can better embrace that and even celebrate it.



Who or what is a hindrance to your relationship or your learning? Page of Cups. I tend to keep my emotions very guarded and don’t really let anyone in. This is something I have been trying to work on, but obviously I am still having issues with it.

I tend to like to go off on my own and be by myself a lot, although I do like my husband to be around. He’s a Pisces – notice the little fish in my cup.

This card can also indicate letting our imaginations run away. I imagined for several weeks that Patches would get better, but it just never happened.


What you can do to improve the situation or better learn the lesson (so you don’t have to keep repeating it) – Queen of Cups.

The Queen of Cups used to really irk me. This past year, however, I am starting to relate to her more and more. I used to see her as the embodiment of a woman, and I was raised that women (and being emotional) is pretty weak and lame.

So it’s been a difficult journey for me to open up to anyone. I’m still awkward and weird around people, and I don’t easily make friends. However, the friends I do make I stick with pretty much forever, no matter how far from one another we may be.

But, I continue to keep myself emotionally detached. So, if my lesson is to form more emotional attachments, how come the Universe keeps sending me people and animals who are sick and dying? Don’t you think that would make me want to get even LESS emotionally involved? Oh, well, I guess there’s no arguing with the Universe.

At any rate, we will miss Patches. I told him a little about Sebastian and told him if he sees him to say Hi for us. I wonder if I did this spread for Sebastian if it would come up with the same things?

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