Valentine’s Day Giveaway

Valentine’s Day GiveAway!

Love is in the air! And nothing says Love like Free Stuff!

And not just any Free Stuff ~ but Free Stuff from your Favorite Tarot Peeps!

I’ve gathered together a number of amazing and generous Tarot Peeps for our very own first Valentine’s Day GiveAway! Check out the contributors we have lined up so far (click on any of their pics and you will be swept away to their websites ~ just be sure to come back and sign up for the GiveAway!):

blondeAmethyst Mahoney, organizer of the event and author of “Tarot Through Your Life.“Amethyst has been reading Tarot cards since a deck found her at age 12. She now uses the cards to help small business owners.

Amethyst will contribute her Love Relationship Spread as well as her “Free Beginner’s Guide to Learning Tarot and Understanding the Cards.” Want to start reading in less than 15 minutes without books or definitions? Join us at

Barbara MooreBarbara Moore, Queen B and Tarot Fashionista. Barbara is author of several books, including Tarot Spreads, which will come out later in 2012. She also recently created the Steam Punk Tarot, also due out in just a couple of short months.

Barbara will contribute her story “Cerridwen and the Magic Potion” and the amazing spread that goes with it. You can check out her Tarot page and even get a reading at Practical Tarot.


theresa reedTheresa Reed, Tarot Mentor and Cheerleading Extraordinaire, is always willing to contribute to a good cause. Also known as The Tarot Lady, Theresa will give you her free ebook “The Power of Tarot: How to Use Tarot Readings as a Tool to Transform Your Life.”

Theresa is also ready to help you move your Tarot business forward. Want to make your hobby your full-time biz? Check out her awesome services and how she can help you turn your Tarot dreams into reality!

Jude AlexanderJude Alexander is the creator of the Tarot Game. Jude wants to get Tarot out to more people, and the Tarot Game is an excellent way to introduce people to the cards (especially to people who are for some reason “scared” of them).

You can even play a free demo of The Tarot Game at the site! And you can learn how to become a trained facilitator of the Game ~ how cool is that?

Jude will provide instructions on how to play Tarot Rummy for Two with your cards ~ and how to do a reading when you win!


Louise UnderhillLouise Underhill created the amazing group Tarotholics Anonymous on Facebook, where you can get your Tarot fix daily. Louise is also the Chairman at TABI, and has been speaking up for all things Tarot ~ including the amazing free scholarship you can apply for! You can find Louise at Priestess Tarot.

Michael BanuelosMichael Banuelos is the Tough Love of Tarot. His no-holds barred posts really strike a nerve with people. Good or bad, he tells it like it is. Michael has gone on his own personal transformation this past year or so, going from self-described doughboy to hard core P90X machine.

Michael knows that many people don’t like Valentine’s Day because it often focuses on finding love “out there.” Instead, he’ll talk to you about finding the most important love – Self-Love. Find Michael at Modern Day Oracle (love that!).

donnaleigh de LaRoseDonnaleigh de LaRose ~ who doesn’t love her? If there is a LifeTime Tarot Achievement Award out there, this is the gal who is going to get it! Donnaleigh runs the radio show Beyond Worlds: Your Tarot Tribe. Full of insight, teaching, and humor, her gifts and contributions to the Tarot community are far-reaching.

Donnaleigh will gift you her spread on Tarot as GPS for the Soul.

Bonnie Cehovet  Bonnie Cehovet is a Tarot author and reader with loads of experience. I love her unique point of view, and her ability to explain things clearly.

Bonnie will give you an ebook called “Birth Card Pairs and Relationship” to help you use your Tarot Birth Cards to work on your relationships. You can find Bonnie on her website.

James WellsJames Wells is a Toronto-based circle process host, tarot counsellor, and motivational listener who is dedicated to personal and cultural evolution. His book, Tarot for Manifestation, is a guide for making your goals a reality. Please visit James online at

James will give you a spread he created just for this GiveAway on Creating a Healthy and Intimate Relationship.

Dax CarlisleDax Carlisle is a Clinical Hypnotherapist, Life Coach and Tarot Master from San Diego, California. He is the Co-Founder & President of The Tarot Guild and Host of Tarot Today Radio.

Dax will give you a free copy of his ebook “Change Your Mind, Change Your Life.”

Michael DenholmMichael Denholm, “Mr. Dreamy Eyes of Tarot,” runs the aptly-named site “Tarot by Michael.” He recently re-did his entire website, so drop by and check it out.

Michael is giving you an awesome little ebook with a variety of spreads that you can use daily ~ or anytime!

Mike HernandezMike Hernandez is a respected, notable, and sought-after Tarot reader at a variety of venues in and around the Bellevue, Washington area. He is a professional member of the Tarosophy Tarot Professionals association and a continuing contributing author for the Tarosophist International Magazine. Mike has been a participant and speaker at Tarot conferences such as the Tarot Reader’s Studio in New York City and the Bay Area Tarot Symposium in San Francisco. He has also been an ongoing featured guest on the “Beyond Worlds – Your Tarot Tribe” blogtalk radio program with Donneleigh de LaRose and Theresa Reed. You can find more information about his readings and upcoming appearances on his web site at, find him on Facebook under “Mike Hernandez – Tarot Reader”, and follow his blog at

Mike is giving away a free spread to help you get to the Issue at Hand.