Looking at Your Day

Queen of Pentacles, Steampunk Tarot, Amethyst, Barbara MooreMany people don’t know this, but I often pull a few cards each morning to see how my day is going. Today I drew the following from the Steampunk Tarot by Barbara Moore.

Mind – Queen of Pentacles, Reversed. Still worrying about money? Check. Being in business for yourself can be a bumpy road, and even when you have great plans in place you may worry from time to time. What if this product doesn’t sell? What if this launch doesn’t go well? Do I really have enough people on my list?

Add to that looking to move, and an estimated extra $13,000 needed for repairs and other things…and, well, that could make anyone’s head spin. Of course, when you are worried about money, where it’s coming from, and where it’s going, you’re blocking your natural abundance. Time to turn this Queen right-side-up, where she belongs.

Steampunk, 3 of Wands, Tarot, Steampunk Tarot, Barbara Moore, exercise

Body – 3 of Wands.

I have many different choices when it comes to what to do each day. Whether or not to eat right, exercise, meditate, or sit at my desk and work, work, work, all day long.

We all have things that make us healthy and support our bodies. These are represented by the 3 lights in the card.

However, many of us are still looking outside for more answers, or answers that we think will somehow be “better.”

Rather than spending all of your time and energy searching out there, it’s time to look at what you already know.

Rest in the assuredness that your current wisdom is enough.


8 of Swords, 8 of Swords Reversed, Steampunk Tarot, Tarot, Barabara Moore, Fear, bondage

Spirit – 8 of Swords Reversed.

This card indicates that I have felt tied up for some time, at least as far as my spiritual life goes. These self-imposed chains are slowly shifting away, and pretty soon I will be free.

I have had a rough time with religion and spirituality throughout my life, but recently have started feeling more at peace with who and where I am.

This can have great impact on your business. If you are struggling spiritually, people will feel “off” around you, and often won’t invest with you even if you offer great products and services.

My new mentor Jenn August has a fabulous saying, “Energy before effort.” The past week or so I’ve noticed just how right she is. Once again I have people seeking me out and total strangers coming up to talk to me just because they can tell that I am happy.

Let your swords and worries fall away, and you will see your business increase.

Try your own Mind, Body, Spirit Spread today. It’s really quick, and you can do it in just 2 or 3 minutes. I’d love to hear about it!

Amethyst Mahoney
Amethyst, Amethyst Mahoney, Tarot, Steampunk Tarot, Gilded Tarot

Embracing Your Inner Court Card

I’ve talked to a lot of people this past year about embracing their Inner Court Card. We do an exercise in some of my groups where we choose a future court card that exhibits qualities that we want to embrace – but for some reason we are not quite there yet, and we are not quite ready to move forward. Usually it’s because we are scared.

When I did this exercise around last May or June, I chose the Queen of Wands from the Gilded Tarot as my future card. And let me tell you, this lady scared the BeJeezus out of me!

When I saw this Queen, I thought, “There’s no way I could ever do all of the amazing things she does!” Then I wrote down some of the things that she could do, but that I couldn’t do, such as:

~ writing a book

~ leading workshops and classes without worry or fear

~ writing and publishing magazine articles

~ stepping up in her business community and asking people to be a part of something bigger

~ talking to her heroes

~ taking on one-on-one clients

~ believing in herself

These are some of the qualities and things that I wanted to do, and honestly I thought it would take me YEARS to get there. But with the help of some exercises and some hard work, I feel like I can honestly say that I have accomplished many of these goals!

This past year I:

~ wrote my own book and turned it into a self-published book and video series; I am currently writing another book to submit to a traditional publisher

~ lead several workshops and classes without fear. When I was told that one workshop needed to be 3 hours instead of 1 (the day before it was scheduled) because someone had cancelled, my response was, “Cool. I can totally do that. It’ll be fun!” I couldn’t believe that I really felt that way.

~ I’ve written and been published several on-line magazines. I now have a regular feature in one of them.

~ I arranged the Purpose, Passion, and Profits Business Training Series as well as the Free Tarot Valentine’s Day GiveAway

~ I fairly regularly chat with Barbara Moore and Theresa Reed on Facebook. I can’t wait to meet them in person. One of these days I will corner Mary K. Greer at a convention. 🙂

~ I regularly hold private conversations and coaching with clients on a one-on-one basis. This was a HUGE fear for me. I have always loved speaking to large groups rather than one person. It’s a numbers thing. If you are speaking to 40 people, at least a couple of them will like you, but if you’re only talking to one person, you’ve only got a 50/50 shot!

~ I completely believe in myself now. Sure, I have some down days here and there. Who doesn’t? But I have a plan for my business, a plan to become a traditionally-published author, a plan to host my own new radio blog show, and a plan to make 6 Figures a year.

So why am I telling you all of this? Because it was the act of embracing my inner court card ~ the person who I wanted to become, even though I thought she was so terribly out of reach, that helped me reach every one of these goals last year. And you can do this, too.

Find the court card you most want to be like. Write down all of the qualities that person possesses. Write down all of the things they do, like public speaking, writing, or networking. Write down some real, tangible things that person can do: write and publish 3 magazine articles, meet 4 new possible clients, attend a network lunch.

Then start taking steps toward those things. Pretty soon, you will look back and be amazed at how far you have come.

As for me, my Queen of Wands has served me well, but I feel like it is time to move on, to embrace another Court Card and another aspect of myself. It is time to evolve once again. So I am choosing:

The King of Pentacles. I’m ready to really get through some of my issues around money, and the blocks I have around money.

I’ve been working on this for some time, and I think I’m ready to move forward and embrace that abundance.

And it scares the BeJeezus outta me!

In fact, that’s one way that I know this is truly the next card I need to work with. I literally tear up looking at it. When choosing between the Queen of Pentacles and the King of Pentacles, I went with the King because I like the way he’s chillin’ on his throne. Plus, he’s wearing purple tights ~ how cool is that?

Honestly, though, the sky is dark behind him and the moon is out, suggesting a balance with his feminine side, as well as the ability to listen to his intuition and Inner Guidance.

So what are some things this King does? I’ll be writing some of those down over the next few days, as long as some real-World stuff that he would accomplish.

Now some people ask me, how do you get from where you are to where you want to be? When you are really scared, and that future seems so distant and so far away, how can you really get there?

The answer for me is simple: I use a Transition Knight Card. I’m a big fan of King Arthur and the whole Knights of the Round Table thing, so this is what I do: I find a Knight card that I CAN be right now, and I expand on those qualities until I can have enough courage to become that future court card that I want to be. So my new Transition Knight Card is the Knight of Swords: I am secure in my new knowledge. I know that I have everything I need to be right now to be successful and reach those goals.

And when I have to do something scary, I just throw on my suit of armor so nobody can hurt me. Yes, seriously, metaphorically this is what I do. And this is what I recommend to people. Your Knight can help you take baby steps to reach your goal. If you can’t be the Queen or the King yet, you can still be a Knight, and start making your way there.

So embrace your Inner Court Cards and go out there and slay your dragons!

Resident Evil

Today is my first post about something I really like: scary movies. I’ve been in 8 movies, and all but one was a horror flick. The other night I caught the first Resident Evil on television, and I thought I would do a spread about it using the Halloween Tarot.



Alice – played by Milla Jovovich, Six of Bats. This person is going on a journey. Is she leaving something behind or moving towards a better future?

During the movie, she just has to keep on the move to outrun the zombies and try to outwit the super-computer that is determined to keep everyone trapped inside the Hive of Umbrella Corporation.

Alice is holding a pumpkin and there is a figure beside her. She tries to help everyone else out and has a lot of compassion for the others, but not at the expense of her own life.

I always like the fact that they named her Alice when she had to go down the Rabbit Hole in the first movie.



Rain – played by Michelle Rodriguez, Three of Pumpkins. This is a person who is always trying to make sure things are in their place. She plays a strong military person in many of her movies. If she’s not in the military, she’s still a bad-ass.

Unfortunately, I always think Michelle is going to get killed off in her movies – not only does she die in Resident Evil (after turning into a zombie, of course), she also bites it in Avatar and Fast and the Furious. Oh, wait, scratch that, if you stayed for after the credits of Fast Five.

I don’t know why I always expect her to die. She only lost an eye in Machete, and she beat all the odds in Battle: Los Angelas (as far as I can remember). I’m thinking her comeback to the Fast and the Furious series will erase me expecting her death every flick. Fingers crossed – I’ll definitely be going to see the next one. (I’m pretty sure Vin Diesel is wrapping up filming for the next Riddick, and Fast Six should be slated to shoot next year – yay!).

On a personal note, I think she is really starting to reap some great rewards from all of the hard work she has put in over the years. I try not to read Tarot on people who aren’t here because it’s none of my business and I don’t want to pry, but I think this card says a lot about the actress as well as the characters she plays.



The Umbrella Corporation – Five of Bats. What a great card to get that sums them up so well!

Not only is Umbrella a greedy corporation that is money- and power-hungry, they are also very sneaky as well. In fact, some of the movies suggest they are downright evil.

I may be getting confused with the Resident Evil book series (yes, there is a book series!), but at some point there was something about them creating the virus so that they could sell the anti-virus and make $billions. If that’s not evil, I don’t know what is!




Zombies – Knight of Pumpkins.

Zombies are pretty dumb. They have been reduced to the basest of functions – the search for food. Unfortunately, they also now think food is humans’ brains.

One of the things that always confused me about zombies was why they never attack each other. I mean, zombies still have brains even if they don’t really use them anymore. Apparently, Simon Pegg also thinks this is pretty weird. In Shaun of the Dead he and his friends just “act” like zombies and stumble around, and none of the zombies attack them.

But in Resident Evil the zombies are pretty well contained. They are the 500 or so workers who got infected down in the Hive. So surely, they are contained and won’t be able to move forward like the Knight of Pumpkins.

Yeah, that never happens. No matter what, they’ll find a way to break out or the infection will find a way to spread. After all, there is a Resident Evil 2, 3, and 4.




What do I need to know about the zombies? Ace of Bats. This was pretty funny. All I can think of is if you see a zombie coming, RUN!

Pretty good advice, as far as I’m concerned. In all honesty, bats are about air and air is usually represented by swords and means intelligence or some kind of intellectual pursuits. So this card also means to keep your wits about you, especially if you do have to stop and fight. Just remember to conserve your ammo.





So what do you think about horror movies? It is the month of October, after all. I like to do Tarot spreads sometimes on movie and book characters, and will probably do a few more spreads like this before Halloween.