Tarot Reader’s Guide to Surviving the Holidays

[images style=”0″ image=”http://amethystmahoney.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/12/christmas-family.jpg” width=”460″ align=”center” top_margin=”0″ full_width=”Y”] The internet and television are full of pretty pictures of families coming together to celebrate the joyous holiday season. But for many of us, the holidays are a time of stress and strife. You may feel like the outsider looking in.

Luckily, there are things that you can do to avoid the pain of the holidays this year. Here are 3 tips to help you survive this holiday season:

1. Determine what you really want this year. Most of the time we go into the holidays on the defensive. We’re stressed out before we even see one relative or hear one, “When are you going to get a real job?”

This year decide that you are going to be happy no matter what.

be right or be happy

2. Your job is to be happy, not educate others about things they don’t want to know. Instead of trying to explain how your family’s religious holiday practices were “borrowed” from other events like Saturnalia or that there are hundreds of Gods who were born of virgins, crucified, and raised from the dead, it’s easier to just smile and nod.

magic girl in a muggle world

A truly Spiritual person accepts all religious paths and beliefs. That means ALL of them. Even that one with the really mean God who smited you growing up. Because that God isn’t bad – just the way he’s been interpreted by others is bad. So sit back, enjoy the tree and lights, and try not to giggle when your family members are holding decorations that have been used in fertility rituals for centuries.

christmas trees and wreaths

3. Deflect the Muggles. Most of our family members don’t understand our lives or our choices. And guess what? It’s not our place to make them understand. For some reason, it’s considered socially acceptable to ask about your religious beliefs, your income, and many other questions that Muggles would never have the impropriety to ask other Muggles.


Instead of feeling like you have to answer every question or defend yourself, you can deflect the question. This is a great Aikido technique, and I’ve seen some Buddhists use it as well. Here are some examples:

What to Say

Q: “So how’s that little hobby of yours going? Making any money yet? (hahaha)”

A: Thanks for asking. There are so many things I love about my business, but I’m on holiday now. I make it a rule not to talk about work when I’m on vacation. How are things going with you?

Q: “Are you still doing that weird magic stuff with those Devil cards?”

A: I’m glad you take such an interest in my spiritual path. It’s very important to me, but I prefer to keep it private. How about you? I hear there are some exciting new programs coming up at your church.

or, …Wow! You really decorated beautifully. Where did you get this?

Q: “When are you going to put this nonsense behind you and grow up and get a real job?”

A: Being an entrepreneur is a difficult path, but given the state of the economy and all the low wages and layoffs the past few years, I’m glad I’m in control of my own future. By the way, how are things going at your job? Got any new exciting projects you’re working on?

Now it’s your turn – what questions are you afraid of hearing (again) this year? Let us know if you’ve found a great answer that’s a win-win for everyone. Or post your question and let us help you come up with a solution.

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Halloween Ritual to Increase Your Energy and Reset Your Business

Tarot, what is purposeFall is my favorite time of year, but the daylight has waned and it’s easy to get a little down. Luckily here in the United States, we get to “fall back” and gain an hour with Daylight Savings time this weekend. Until then, today is Halloween and it’s a great time to increase your energy if you’ve been feeling a little down or want to reset your business.

Halloween, also known as Samhain, is said to be the time when the veil between this World and the next is thinnest. In some cultures and traditions, it is even considered the beginning of a new year. Use this connection to increase your energy and set the intention for your business for the coming year. Here’s how:

First, create a little altar or space where you can focus and concentrate on what you want. If you have a normal altar, a meditation room, or just some space on a table or mantle, use it. Some people shy away from “ritual” because they think it has to be some big elaborate set-up, but that isn’t true. The most important thing is your intention. Also, if you live with Muggles, it’s easy to set up a candle or two in a small space with no one being the wiser.

For your altar choose a candle or a couple that represent you and/or the Divine. Call it God, Spirit, Inner Guide, or whatever is comfortable for you. Use your intuition on how many candles to use. Place your hand on your Heart and ask your Knowing Self to send you a picture of what would work best for you. You may see, sense, feel, or hear the answer. You may even smell it, as many candles are scented, and one of those may work better for you. I have used a single candle with great success many times. More is not necessarily better.

Find any small decorations that you might like to enhance your altar. A picture of your God/Goddess or Guide, a small chalice, some sea shells or crystals. Use anything that feels right for you. Don’t make it an elaborate process or strive to get it “right.” If you’re out for a walk today and a rock on the ground calls to you for attention, feel free to use it. Altars and rituals do not have to be expensive.

When you are ready, set aside 30-45 minutes for your ritual. I find 11:30 pm to be a great time, because I end just before midnight. However, it’s always midnight somewhere, so do your ritual when you have time.

Play some music softly if you’d like. Be sure the music doesn’t have words or any distractions (bird or animal noises or throat singing can completely throw things off). Light your candle(s). Next ground and center yourself (I prefer to ground through water meditation, rather than Earth). Take some deep breaths and set your intention for the energy work you are about to do. Feel free to pray or invoke according to your Spiritual Beliefs. Draw a Tarot card to represent yourself and where you are right now. If you don’t have a Tarot deck, you can use an Oracle card or Angel Cards. Ask the deck, “What is the most important card I need to know about where I am right now?” Shuffle the cards face-down, and draw the one that feels right.

Have paper and some pens or markers and crayons to write and/or draw nearby. Give yourself 5-10 minutes to write whatever comes up from your card. Allow the process to unfold. Next ask yourself, “What are my goals for this next year? How can I reach them?” Draw two more cards. The first will help you understand your goals, and the second will give you clues about what actions to take.

Again, give yourself some time to journal, paint, or draw the answers that come to you. Next, decide on a next step to take based on your cards and insights so far. If you aren’t sure, ask yourself, “If I knew the answer, what would it be?” Allow the answer to come to you. Don’t censor it. You can free-write (or write stream of consciousness) until you feel satisfied.

Finally, put it all together and write down one specific goal that you want to attract. Write it on a small slip of paper, fold it and put it completely under the candle so that it doesn’t stick out anywhere. If you used more than one candle, you want to put it under the “God” or Higher Power candle, not the candle representing yourself.

Finish your ritual with the intention that your goal is already coming true, and thank your God/dess, Guides, Spirit, the Universe, or your Highest Good for supporting you and helping to rearrange the Universe to make your goal happen. You may also want to find your Archetype card to place on your altar. If you don’t know your Archetype card (based on your fingerprints) yet, don’t worry about this step.

Every night for the next 7 nights, light the candle (with your goal still under it) for at least 30 minutes and focus on your goal. You can also pray, meditate, and give thanks as you feel moved. After the 7 days, you can continue to light your candle once a week until it is burned down, or dispose of it. It has already worked. Your energy will feel bigger (because you are putting it out into the Universe to make things happen), and you should start to see the effects in your business.

There are many ways to modify this ritual. You may wish to write a specific goal such as attracting 3 new clients this month, having more sexy fun time in your relationship (specify what that means to you in a measurable number), or attending a networking meeting each month if that’s been hard for you but it’s something you want to accomplish. Vague goals or ones that are worded negatively (I want to make a ton of money, I don’t want to be fat, I want everyone to love me, etc) won’t work for this ritual. Make your goal specific and positive. Only choose ONE goal. Your results will be much greater when you focus on one thing.

The photo above is my altar specifically for the members of the Amethyst Program. Each person has her own candle which I will light and use when working with her throughout the next 10 months. During tonight’s Christening ritual, I will set the intentions for the program and pray (for lack of a better word) for the Highest Good for each member. If anyone else joins the program (we have two spots left), this ritual will be repeated to help solidify the group.

If you have a specific program any time during the year, this is a great way to set it off with a bang!

Now it’s your turn. Will you do a ritual tonight? What plans do you have? What is the goal for your thinning of the veil time? I’d love to hear about it below, and feel free to share photos or links about it.