3 Business Myths that Cause You to Sink or Swim

How You Respond to These 3 Business Myths Makes the Difference!

On this call, you will discover:

* 3 business myths and how the way you respond to them can make your business sink or swim

* the #1 mistake almost all small business owners make that cost thousands in wasted time and effort

* a simple mindset shift for success that will also rid you of guilt and overwhelm

* and much more!

Andrea Feinberg pulls small business owners from the daily
grind into their big dreams. She uses a unique blend of
directness, humor, and tenderness to help you cut through
the noise and the clutter keeping you bogged down.

She has an M.B.A., is a Certified Strategic Business Leadership
Coach, Certified EQ Mentor, Certified Professional Behavioral
Analyst, and pulls small business owners from the daily grind
and into their big opportunities.

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