How to Find Your Soul’s Work and Serve the World

Want to follow your dreams, but not sure how you will pay the rent? Allison Crow will help you get the courage to follow your soul’s work so you can serve the World.

Join us on this call, where you will discover:

  • the #1 thing to do when you think your dreams are out of reach
  • how to dump “the rules” and what to ask yourself instead
  • how to find your soul’s work and serve the World

Allison Crow, M.Ed., is an international intuitive business and life coach who, above all else, values alignment, authenticity, creativity, connection, and balance.

In 2010, after years of teaching, training, and coaching in traditional corporate positions, she took a grand leap…with these five values as her guide…and started her creative visual thinking company alongside a solo coaching practice. It has been exciting entrepreneurial bliss ever since!

Allison offers expertise in transformation and provide uplifting experiences that inspire and empower her clients to release those limiting beliefs we all have and reconnect with our true potential, both personally and professionally. Allison works with you through individual sessions, workshops. She also leads training programs on various topics in spiritual growth, personal alignment, intuitive living, leadership, and career change.

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5 Simple Steps to Rid Your Blog of Frustration and Overwhelm

Frustrated with your blog? Skipping posts because you have no plan? If you wake up every day staring at a white screen, dreading what you are going to have to write, you won’t want to miss this call!

Join Kimberly “Gypsy” LoSavio as she helps you blog your way to success! On this call, you will discover:

* the #1 thing you need in your business to gain recognition as a leading expert in your field

* 5 simple
steps to rid your blog of frustration and overwhelm

* the difference between penciling it in and penning it in – and why it matters

* and much more

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3 Business Myths that Cause You to Sink or Swim

How You Respond to These 3 Business Myths Makes the Difference!

On this call, you will discover:

* 3 business myths and how the way you respond to them can make your business sink or swim

* the #1 mistake almost all small business owners make that cost thousands in wasted time and effort

* a simple mindset shift for success that will also rid you of guilt and overwhelm

* and much more!

Andrea Feinberg pulls small business owners from the daily
grind into their big dreams. She uses a unique blend of
directness, humor, and tenderness to help you cut through
the noise and the clutter keeping you bogged down.

She has an M.B.A., is a Certified Strategic Business Leadership
Coach, Certified EQ Mentor, Certified Professional Behavioral
Analyst, and pulls small business owners from the daily grind
and into their big opportunities.

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7 Little Known Reasons You’re Having Time-Management Issues

Are you stuck trying to get it all done in your business? Do you feel like you have to juggle so many tasks that you aren’t sure what to do from one minute to the next? Do you find yourself jumping to reply every time someone sends you an email, a Facebook message, or calls you?

Join LeAnne Chesser today at 3 pm PST and find out why your business doesn’t have to be this way.

On this call, you’ll discover:

* 7 little-known reasons you’re having time-management issues

* the real reason your time-management strategies aren’t working (ithat you think!)

* why cookie-cutter approaches to time-management don’t work, and what to do instead

Leanne worked with people with disabilities for 24 years. She has a B.Ed. and worked as a Teacher with kids with special needs. Later she combined her talents in psychology, education, and organization to become a Life Coach.

Now, in addition to teaching, Leanne helps entrepreneurs overcome overwhelm and juggle it all in a way that works for them and their own personal style. She really loves all of what she does online, but her favorite parts are helping people grow in self worth and balance, sorting through information, writing step by step guides, blogging, and creating learning communities.

LeAnne is the author of “How to Build a Kick-Butt Blog” and the creator of “31 Days to Magically Create More Time” and “How to Be More Productive Online: Blogging & Social Media Tools to Save You Time.”

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Fear to Success Leaderboard


The affiliate contest is in high gear, and several people are vying for the win. Are you on the leaderboard? Winners not only receive their earnings, but the grand prize winner will receive a ticket to PJ Van Hulle’s Client Attraction Blueprint 2-Day Intensive (valued at $1500)!

I just returned from CAB, where I learned a ton of amazing information, met some new friends, and picked up a few new networking partners. I also learned what to focus on next in my business, and where I can drop the guilt and overwhelm – bonus!

Who will win the ticket? Check out the video below. There’s still time to sign up as an affiliate and win!

The Business is NOT So Scary: Fear to Success training series features some of today’s leading business women. You can find out more when you take your business from Fear to Success!

How to Put YOU in Your Business

Shivie Cook helps you put YOU back in your business. Are you sacrificing your relationships, your health, and your sanity for your business? Find out how it’s affecting your bottom line during Shivie’s interview. You’ll discover:

* How ExtraOrdinary Self Care will actually bring in business and help you improve your bottom line

* 11 Simple Steps that will reignite your fire for life in just 10 days

* How to put YOU in your business plane

* and much more!

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Rock Your Life and Your Biz

Today Paula D’Andrea shares 5 Easy Steps to Rock Your Life and Your Biz on the Business is NOT So Scary free teleseries.

You’ll discover:

* 5 easy steps to rock your life and your biz

* How BUI (Behaving Under the Influence) of negative programming can sabotage your biz success

* and much, much more

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Get Through Your Blogging Fears

Many thanks to Michelle Shaeffer, who is stepping in today. (Our scheduled interviewer had a family emergency, and you will hear from her later this month.)

Michelle Shaeffer is an amazing blogging expert who grew her list from 850 to over 12,000 in just 2 years. In fact, the numbers are probably much higher now as she is hosting another Ultimate Blog Challenge during October!

Michelle gets over a quarter million hits on her website each month, and has an Alexa rating under 100,000.

Check out the interview where you can hear how she did it all just by blogging, and how you can, too!

When I first met Michelle I still had a free Blogger website and got 400 views a month. It took me over 2 hours to write a single blog post. With her help I know have thousands of views a month and can write great content in 12-15 minutes! You won’t want to miss this call. Sign up now:

3 Steps to Creating Your Awesome Heart Centered Business with Law of Attraction

We’re kicking off the Divine Wisdom Academy’s Business is NOT So Scary teleseries today with Terry Wildemann!

In her 3 Steps to Creating Your Awesome Heart Centered Business with Law of Attraction, you will discover:

* 3 steps to creating your awesome heart-centered

* the #1 thing you need to know for business success

* an exercise to help you identify your passion

* What the Law of Attraction REALLY is (and isn’t!)

* and much more

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I’ll “see” you on the call!