Halloween Ritual to Increase Your Energy and Reset Your Business

Tarot, what is purposeFall is my favorite time of year, but the daylight has waned and it’s easy to get a little down. Luckily here in the United States, we get to “fall back” and gain an hour with Daylight Savings time this weekend. Until then, today is Halloween and it’s a great time to increase your energy if you’ve been feeling a little down or want to reset your business.

Halloween, also known as Samhain, is said to be the time when the veil between this World and the next is thinnest. In some cultures and traditions, it is even considered the beginning of a new year. Use this connection to increase your energy and set the intention for your business for the coming year. Here’s how:

First, create a little altar or space where you can focus and concentrate on what you want. If you have a normal altar, a meditation room, or just some space on a table or mantle, use it. Some people shy away from “ritual” because they think it has to be some big elaborate set-up, but that isn’t true. The most important thing is your intention. Also, if you live with Muggles, it’s easy to set up a candle or two in a small space with no one being the wiser.

For your altar choose a candle or a couple that represent you and/or the Divine. Call it God, Spirit, Inner Guide, or whatever is comfortable for you. Use your intuition on how many candles to use. Place your hand on your Heart and ask your Knowing Self to send you a picture of what would work best for you. You may see, sense, feel, or hear the answer. You may even smell it, as many candles are scented, and one of those may work better for you. I have used a single candle with great success many times. More is not necessarily better.

Find any small decorations that you might like to enhance your altar. A picture of your God/Goddess or Guide, a small chalice, some sea shells or crystals. Use anything that feels right for you. Don’t make it an elaborate process or strive to get it “right.” If you’re out for a walk today and a rock on the ground calls to you for attention, feel free to use it. Altars and rituals do not have to be expensive.

When you are ready, set aside 30-45 minutes for your ritual. I find 11:30 pm to be a great time, because I end just before midnight. However, it’s always midnight somewhere, so do your ritual when you have time.

Play some music softly if you’d like. Be sure the music doesn’t have words or any distractions (bird or animal noises or throat singing can completely throw things off). Light your candle(s). Next ground and center yourself (I prefer to ground through water meditation, rather than Earth). Take some deep breaths and set your intention for the energy work you are about to do. Feel free to pray or invoke according to your Spiritual Beliefs. Draw a Tarot card to represent yourself and where you are right now. If you don’t have a Tarot deck, you can use an Oracle card or Angel Cards. Ask the deck, “What is the most important card I need to know about where I am right now?” Shuffle the cards face-down, and draw the one that feels right.

Have paper and some pens or markers and crayons to write and/or draw nearby. Give yourself 5-10 minutes to write whatever comes up from your card. Allow the process to unfold. Next ask yourself, “What are my goals for this next year? How can I reach them?” Draw two more cards. The first will help you understand your goals, and the second will give you clues about what actions to take.

Again, give yourself some time to journal, paint, or draw the answers that come to you. Next, decide on a next step to take based on your cards and insights so far. If you aren’t sure, ask yourself, “If I knew the answer, what would it be?” Allow the answer to come to you. Don’t censor it. You can free-write (or write stream of consciousness) until you feel satisfied.

Finally, put it all together and write down one specific goal that you want to attract. Write it on a small slip of paper, fold it and put it completely under the candle so that it doesn’t stick out anywhere. If you used more than one candle, you want to put it under the “God” or Higher Power candle, not the candle representing yourself.

Finish your ritual with the intention that your goal is already coming true, and thank your God/dess, Guides, Spirit, the Universe, or your Highest Good for supporting you and helping to rearrange the Universe to make your goal happen. You may also want to find your Archetype card to place on your altar. If you don’t know your Archetype card (based on your fingerprints) yet, don’t worry about this step.

Every night for the next 7 nights, light the candle (with your goal still under it) for at least 30 minutes and focus on your goal. You can also pray, meditate, and give thanks as you feel moved. After the 7 days, you can continue to light your candle once a week until it is burned down, or dispose of it. It has already worked. Your energy will feel bigger (because you are putting it out into the Universe to make things happen), and you should start to see the effects in your business.

There are many ways to modify this ritual. You may wish to write a specific goal such as attracting 3 new clients this month, having more sexy fun time in your relationship (specify what that means to you in a measurable number), or attending a networking meeting each month if that’s been hard for you but it’s something you want to accomplish. Vague goals or ones that are worded negatively (I want to make a ton of money, I don’t want to be fat, I want everyone to love me, etc) won’t work for this ritual. Make your goal specific and positive. Only choose ONE goal. Your results will be much greater when you focus on one thing.

The photo above is my altar specifically for the members of the Amethyst Program. Each person has her own candle which I will light and use when working with her throughout the next 10 months. During tonight’s Christening ritual, I will set the intentions for the program and pray (for lack of a better word) for the Highest Good for each member. If anyone else joins the program (we have two spots left), this ritual will be repeated to help solidify the group.

If you have a specific program any time during the year, this is a great way to set it off with a bang!

Now it’s your turn. Will you do a ritual tonight? What plans do you have? What is the goal for your thinning of the veil time? I’d love to hear about it below, and feel free to share photos or links about it.


Trust Your Intuition in Your Tarot Business

trust intuition small correctedTrusting your intuition and doing what YOU want to do in your business is key to your success.

Unfortunately, this is a lesson that took me many years to learn. Don’t make my mistake.

It all started when I went to my first business event, with a “big guru” who makes several millions of dollars per year.

I was really excited to hear everything he had to say, to learn all I could, and to soak up all of his sage advice.

Unfortunately, his advice sucked.

I didn’t know it at the time, but what he told me would hold me back in my business for several years.

When I asked about what I could do to help more people with my Tarot business coaching, he said, “You absolutely can’t tell people that you do Tarot and be successful. You don’t want to scare everyone away.”

He then went on to tell me that I couldn’t use purple on my website either, and that I should stick to blue as ‘that’s a business color.’


I didn’t realize it at the time, but this guru was not only hurting my Soul and killing my dream, but he was also keeping me from being successful.

[Tweet “The truth is people buy from YOU in your #business, not some lame old skool tactics.”]

Don’t make the mistake I did. Don’t listen to someone who doesn’t get you. Be you. Have fun, and do what YOU want to do. Listen to your intuition, your Guides, your God or Goddess.

Pray, sing, dance, write, paint, and love your life.

Run away from the meeting and go to Disneyland – that’s what I did! 

Because that is what will make you truly successful. People want to know who YOU are. Are you giving them the chance to see the real, authentic, soul-filled you? If not, it’s time.

Want to create a wildly adventurous business this year? Join us for the FREE 5 Day Trust Your Intuition Challenge now. I can’t wait to meet who you really are.


Being Broke Is a Sign of Being Poor in Spirit

receptivity oracle of mermaidsWARNING: RANT
Today I’m going to say something that I’ve been wanting to say for a long time. I’m tired of all the belly-aching and whining and naysaying out there. I’m tired of people who bash making 6 figures or call people who make money “greedy.” This post is going to piss some people off, and I say good. I’m tired of people hiding their Light and their Power in the name of “Spirituality.”

I’m talking to you, Spiritual Rebel, because you understand the Truth: Being Broke is Greedy. Being poor and needy and not knowing how to pay the bills is greedy. You can speak of abundance all you want, but being abundant includes allowing money into your life.

Today’s card is Receptivity from the Oracle of Mermaids by Lucy Cavendish. The reminds us to receive and to give. Let’s look at that again: Receive and give. Receive comes first.

Why? Because you can’t give when you have nothing to give. You can’t get blood from a stone.

You can never be poor enough to help another. It is only through Abundance that you can give to others. – Abraham Hicks

I think the Spiritual community needs a Wake Up Call. Every day I hear stories of people who can’t do what they love, can’t spend their time helping others or doing their life’s work because they have to work a day job that they hate. They can’t make enough in their business to support them, because after all, “Making money is bad.”

There are even people out there who believe you shouldn’t get Paid for your Gifts!

Hey, guess what? My landlord doesn’t take a Tarot reading and Reiki healing in exchange for my rent payment! Smiles also don’t pay my rent, so please don’t tell me that the poorest people you know are “abundant” because they smile a lot. I know plenty of rich folks who also smile – and they give a ton to charity. 

There are plenty of people out there, even spiritual business coaches, who will tell you that it’s OKAY if you don’t make a lot of money. They’ll tell you it’s OKAY to bash people who make 6 figures. They’ll even tell you that if you want to be successful in your healing practice you only need to replace your current income.

For example, if you make $30,000 in your day job, you only need to make $30,000 in your spiritual business. This is a Flat Out LIE, and shame on the people telling you this because they know it, and they know they are lying to you.

Depending on what country you live in and whether or not you get someone to help you with your taxes (you should – they’ll save you money), you’ll you’ll actually need to make $40,000 to $50,000 to run your business and pay taxes. That’s $40,000 – $50,000 to replace that $30,000 a year job.

But more importantly than that, the Truth is every Spiritual Entrepreneur tells me they are in business to help others. They have big dreams of helping the homeless, creating wellness centers, even buying their parents a home or taking their family on a well-needed vacation.

Let’s put it this way, if everything is Spiritual, then that includes money. Not just the airy-fairy fluffly woo term “abundance.” 

But I hear things all the time like, “I just want to make enough to get by.”

Just enough is not enough with border

So here’s the rub: “getting by” and “being abundant” are Mutually Exclusive Goals.

I’m not mad about this, but I want you to understand the illogical fallacy of the lies you’re living. You can not have it both ways. You are sending mixed messages to the Universe: “Give me more!” “Wait – not too much more, I just want a tiny bit. Oh, really, I don’t need that much at all!”

And THAT is why things aren’t working for you. That is why your business isn’t doing what you want, why you struggle to pay the rent, why the bills are piling up, and if your mother gets sick or your sister needs help, or your child gets hurt and has to go to the hospital you have to spend all your time stressing about whether or not you can help and how to pay for that.

This is Your Wake Up Call

It’s time to really take a look at this. Do you want to “get by?” If so, great. Continue to hide your Light under a bushel, prepare for tons of stress in your life, and keep complaining about how you don’t have enough. Again, it’s totally your choice. Some people will say that maybe that’s the life you’re here to lead and the lessons you’re here to learn. Fuck That. I call bullshit. That’s just fear disguised as Spiritual Support. Your lessons are to get over that crap, not get mired in it forever. But hey, again, it’s your call. 

If you want to Thrive, if you want to truly live, help more people, maybe even visit that ashram or build that community center, then allow energy and abundance (and yes, money) to flow through you. It’s time to step up and step into your Power. And hey, keep that day job if you love it. We need people who aren’t entrepreneurs, too. Just make sure you keep it cause you love it!

So, Let’s Review.

Being broke is greedy because:

1. You are wasting all of your energy and effort worrying about paying bills, stressing about your fledgling business, and wondering how you’re going to get through the month when you could be focused on helping people.

2. You spend a lot of time on “Do It Yourself” projects because you’ve either convinced yourself that it’s good for the environment or that you enjoy it. The Truth is, you’re taking money away from the people you could hire to do that project, taking money away from their family, and crippling the economy by not letting money flow through you. A fun DIY Project now and then is great, but if you’re doing them because you absolutely don’t have money to have anyone help, it’s a problem. 

3. You’re contributing to the negativity of the World by increasing your stress and worry instead of letting the Universe take care of you. This not only drains the people around you, but leaves you disconnected from Source, feeling alone and afraid. This is NOT what you came here for!

4. You don’t have enough to help others. You can’t support the change you’d like to see in the World or help with your particular cause in any real-World actionable way because you don’t have the means to do it. You can’t donate to your cause because you only have enough for yourself and your family (if that). You can’t travel to participate in events or charities because you don’t have enough. You can’t spend too much time in spiritual pursuits or helping others because you’re worn out from that day job.

5. You’re probably isolating yourself. You’ve convinced yourself that you’re an Introvert, a Highly Sensitive Person, or that you just don’t like crowds. Or people. And hey, maybe some of that is true. But if your dream is to live in the woods alone, far far away from anyone and the only place you’ve been in the last two years is the grocery store, you’re not an introvert – you’re hiding. 

You’ve tried being broke. Really, if you’re like me you’ve explored all the in’s and out’s of it. Maybe you even got to wonder where your next meal was coming from, or you lived out of your car like I did. It’s NOT working, is it? If you want to continue to choose to have “just enough,” then that’s fine. That’s your choice. But don’t pretend you’re doing it because it’s “Spiritual.” In fact, it’s the Exact Opposite of Spiritual.

It’s time to try something different. Go out today and let others know how you can help them. People are hurting. They need you. Don’t let your fear of being better than “just enough” hold you back. I’ll be rooting for you.

Samhain 2012: Tarot Blog Hop

Welcome to the Samhain Tarot Blog Hop!

During this event, you will travel around the internet to 28 different Tarot websites. Each site tackles the questions behind Samhain/Halloween. What is this holiday really for?

Is it just fun and games, or is there a deeper meaning behind the veil?

Look closely, and you may find that what you thought about this holiday – and yourself – changes forever.

Join us as we explore and celebrate the turning of the wheel. If you dare…

Samhain, or Halloween, is the night when the World is thought to be closest to the other side. At midnight many people plan rituals and rites during the thinning of the Veil to speak to loved ones who have crossed over as well as to honor the dead. In some Pagan traditions, this is also thought of as the New Year.

Rather than look to outside entities this Samhain, look inside of yourself. All of your Self. The dark pieces that you think you have left behind. The parts of your Shadow that you believe you have pushed deep, deep down into a dark well. The 8 of Ghosts from the Halloween Tarot in the photo above lets you know that just because you thought you left them behind, it doesn’t mean they’re not still there.

We are told that we can look only towards light, to focus on happiness, and to be positive at all times. We are often shamed in this New Age world if we are less than optimistic.

Many cover their eyes to the truth of our beings: that we are both light and dark, happiness and sadness, fire and water.

The Eight of Bats from the Halloween Tarot

 This Samhain it is time to take off your blindfold and travel into the veil of your own unconscious. What frightening things await you? Look into the darkest recesses of your soul and shine the light onto everything that you have tried to hide away.

Journey past the dusty cobwebs of who You are, and embrace your Shadow.

XVIII The Moon from the Halloween Tarot

 This journey is not to be taken lightly, nor is it for the faint of heart.

It is only by recovering all aspects of your Self – Light and Shadow – that you can truly grow in strength, and power. By making this journey during Samhain you will become complete – truly powerful and even more beautiful in every way.

II The High Priestess from the Halloween Tarot

Explore your Shadow side. What aspects of yourself do you feel like you have to keep hidden? Sometimes this takes form of hiding our magical selves from the “normal” world. If Harry Potter taught us anything, it is that we must hide from the Muggles.

Even within our own spiritual communities, many of us are ridiculed and shamed for our beliefs. Whether you are told you are too Light and too fluffy, or too Dark and too Vampirish, everyone seems to have an opinion of how you “should” be.

This Samhain, take the time to get in touch with the True You. Who are you really, once you shake off the expectations of your community and the World?

Take a journey through the Tarot Blog World as we explore this topic and look into the depths.

Master List

If you find a link broken along the hop, you can return here to pick up the hop at the next post:

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  23. Stella T’arot:  Samhain Tarot Blog Hop
  24. John Marani:  Tarot Blog Hop: Exploring the Shadow Side at Samhain
  25. Jordan Hoggard:  Samhain Blog Hop ~ Savoring Shadow
  26. Carolyn Cushing:  Tarot Blog Hop for Samhain
  27. Christiane:  Meet Your Shadow




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5 Ways to Connect with Your Ideal Customers

a guest post by Christine Brady

Regardless of the term you use, connecting, targeting, marketing – when it comes to running a business, it all means the same thing.  Getting on a level with your customers where you understand them and what they are going through.  Their pains, their frustrations, their joys.

All the things that weigh heavily on their minds each and every day.

Being able to get on that level will not only send your business into overdrive, but it will make you more of an attraction magnet to your ideal customers.

The Irresistible Parts of Your Business

Attracting the right customers for your business is a crucial part of business success.  That’s an oversimplified statement, but it is entirely spot on.

Here’s an image I like to use:  Suppose your business is the core of an apple.  It’s the inner workings.  Now we wouldn’t call the core of an apple an apple.  It’s just the core – the non-edible part.  That apple is not complete without the surrounding matter or layers.  It’s the juicy stuff that makes it an apple.  The same is true with your business…

The core is just the inner workings of your business – the positioning of your business.  The actual apple is the part that people can see, touch, taste (maybe if you have a health food business), but the idea is that the surrounding matter is what gives your business irresisitibleness.

Ways to Connect with Your Ideal Customers

If you want to connect with your ideal customers, you have pull together all of your business’ irresistible qualities and make them work together.

Your website or blog.  Your website is like your home on the Internet.  But more importantly, your website is a reflection of your business.  Clear, concise messages should be prominent on your home page.

Consider this question – what do I want visitors to do on my website?  Hopefully it has something to do with opting in to your list.

Your articles.  The articles you publish on your site give your readers a glimpse into the real you and what you offer.  A blog post is not just a blog post, it is a statement to the rest of the world about the focus of your business.  The saying, “content is king” is only 3 little words – 15 characters – but the contextual meaning behind it is enormous.

It’s the content that’s the king – that’s what customers yearn for, not necessarily your business.

Your opt-in.  An opt-in form is not a maybe, nor is it a “I’m too busy with other things.”  If your opt-in form is not converting readers into subscribers, then finish reading this article, head over to your website and change up your opt-in form.  An opt-in form with a strong message to your ideal prospects is not an optional thing.  It’s a must.  Your subscriber list is your strongest level of connections.  Social media is great, but it can also be eliminated without warning.

Focus on growing your list daily.

Your sales copy.  Your sales copy does not need to be perfect.  I’ll repeat it again, your sales copy can have flaws.  It’s ok.  Did you know that sometimes even the most unpolished copy outpulls the most solid, professionally done copywriting?  It’s true – The reason has to do with your market and your relationship with your market.

Your customers know you, they are on your list to learn more from you… Something you said or wrote or did struck a chord with them and they were impressed by you.  In this case, your sales copy is just a formality.  It’s a chance for you to highlight some of your products best benefits, as they apply to your ideal customers.

Your messages.  This final aspect goes back to the “content is king” statement.  This is specifically for your email messages, but really any content you publish is at stake.  Your messages further develop the relationship you have with your customers.  The key is knowing who you are writing to in the first place.

Take it to the Next Level

Connecting with your target customers is one thing, once they start connecting with others and sharing your messages with them, that’s where the real expansion occurs.

And it happens without you even knowing it – one person shares something you wrote with his or her tribe and they share it again and pretty soon, you have connections from all over the World Wide Web.

All because you connected with your ideal customers in the first place.

If you want to attract raving fans to your subscriber list, then start with my free Subject Line Manifesto .  It is part case study and part real life examples of how to get your emails opened and acted on.

Christine Brady writes sizzling email copy and she can teach you how to do the same. Eager, hungry, raving fans will WANT to join your list when you follow the Raving Fans List Building Formula. Whether you have started your email list or are brand new to the idea of having a subscriber list, Christine can help you build, market to and grow a responsive email list.

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