Blue Moon Tarot

Friday August 31st is the night of the Blue Moon. This is the second full moon of the month, and we won’t see another one again until July of 2015.

The Moon affects the ebbs and tides of our emotions. While the last two weeks may have left you feeling completely off-kilter, things should be settling down now. What can you do to harness the power of the Blue Moon?

* leave all of your crystals out to charge
* do a special rite or ritual
* connect with your Spirit or Animal Guides
* meditate on what you would like next in your life
* get rid of things that no longer serve you – unclutter your life!

I like to do a Tarot reading to honor this time. Try this for yourself.

Blue Moon, Gilded Tarot, Queen of Cups, XIII Death, XII The Hanging Man, XIV Temperance, XV The Devil

I used the Gilded Tarot by Ciro Marcetti for this spread.

1. What gifts does this Blue Moon bring? This card is placed in the middle.

In my spread, it is XII The Hanging Man, Reversed. The Hanging Man has been through a great deal of trials and challenges. He has learned to look at his life from many perspectives. Now he is beginning to rely on himself and his own truths instead of being distracted by the advice of others, and is learning that that is enough.

The gift of this Blue Moon is a reminder to look inside yourself and rely on your own wisdom.

2. What do I need to focus on? This card is placed just to the right of the middle card.

In my spread, this is the Queen of Cups. I recently chose a new focus card, and she is the Queen of Cups. This is validation that I am on the right path.

3. What do I need to let go of? This card is placed below the middle card.

In my spread, this is XV The Devil, Reversed. This is my need for perfection, and to leave my life the way I think it is “supposed” to be lived. I have found myself struggling to create a schedule in my business because I keep feeling as if I need to work 8 to 5 like people do in the corporate world. Time to let that go and create a better life for myself.

4. What do I need to know about my relationships? This card is placed to the left of the middle card.

In my spread, this is XIV Temperance, Reversed. Things may be on shaky ground and out of balance. Luckily, the Queen of Cups will be able to help out!

5. What do I need to know about my business (or job/career)? This card is placed above the middle card.

In my spread, this is XIII Death, Reversed. Death is all about changes, and now that it is reversed it looks like some things will finally be settling down. Hooray! My business has gone through so many changes this year, it’s insane. I’m glad I did an about-face and picked back up where I should be.

What about you? What does your Blue Moon Tarot spread say for you? If you are doing this under the Blue Moon tomorrow, feel free to use crystals and make a whole ritual out of it. I’d love to hear about it!

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  1. Roy A. Ackerman, Ph.D., E.A.
    Roy A. Ackerman, Ph.D., E.A. says:

    Ah, yes, the vagaries of the American Calendar…
    Some of us only have one full moon- and this one lets us know when it disappears, we better have completed our annual review and be ready to start anew- and better. Just like you said, Ame!

  2. Gypsy ~ Kimberly
    Gypsy ~ Kimberly says:

    Wow, Amethyst — I am going to share my cards.

    Card 1 – what the blue moon brings? Temperance : balance, moderation and it’s telling me not to let my fears stop me from moving forward 🙂

    Card 2 – what i need to focus on? Knight of Wands (R) : in relation to the “fear” word again I need to set aside my fears and let my passions move me forward — That is not an easy task 🙂 But it really is the only way to move forward.

    Card 3 – what I need to let go? Two of Coins (R) — I need to stop judging myself and letting others’ awesomeness get in the way of sharing my awesomeness (I’ve been watching Kung Fu Panda with Baby LOL I love Po who is voiced by Jack Black). Basically I need to stop thinking that what I can share with others is not good enough. Once I get past that obstacle — the world is my oyster — yes I’m a dork! LOL

    Card 4 – what I need to know about relationships? Empress — my first impression was “OH GOD I better NOT BE PREGNANT AGAIN!” Go ahead and laugh! Did coffee come out your nose? LOLz I know I’m not but the thought still popped up haha. Actually this is a pretty amazing card — lots of balance and happiness going on. Things are looking up 😉

    Card 5 – what I need to know about my business? Star — DUH!! I just need to have faith — things are moving along. the rough patches are smoothing out and Awesome things are coming 🙂

    That’s my reading — between letting go of my “fears” and a boat load of balance, I’m in a pretty darn good place!

    • admin
      admin says:

      Great to hear! Are you talking about the Kung Fu Panda cartoon? I don’t recognize what you’re talking about from the movie, but I haven’t watched it in a while. Plus, I heard there was a second movie, which I never saw.

  3. Mary Muse
    Mary Muse says:

    What a wonderful reading. I loved the questions and the fluid nature of this one. I think I need to go get my wheels out of the mud, which probably entails getting rid of my need to control and the way I want things to go…but good feedback.

    1. What does this blue moon bring? Queen of Swords (A brilliant, strong woman who can communicate, has great ideas, and can act upon them)
    2. What do I need to focus on? Six of Rods (Victory)
    3. What do I need to let go of? The emperor (my need for control)
    4. What do I need to know about my relationships? 10 rods (Can be heavy with responsibility)
    5. What do I need to know about my business? Chariot Reversed (loss of direction, wheels spinning)

  4. Julia Neiman (@parenttrainer)
    Julia Neiman (@parenttrainer) says:

    Very interesting spread. I can relate strongly to 1 and 2. I’ve never been one to like working 9-5 which was why I was always unhappy working, even when I was doing work I loved. And 5 moves into place today as the work for the book launch is done!!! except to start sending out tweets and posts.

    I’ve been doing readings for the past few weeks – every night to keep myself on track. Are you familiar with The Cards of Winds and Changes and The Druid Animal Oracle? Those are currently my two favorite decks.

    I used to have a collection with 32 decks from all over the world. Unfortunately, they were “lost” when I moved almost three years ago.

  5. Gina
    Gina says:

    No wonder my emotions have been flying around! It’s been a rollercoaster this past week. And clearing things out and letting go really resonates with me – having a garage sale again next Saturday and hoping to get rid of Everything! No more boxes or cluttered rooms. Our house is slowly becoming a home. It feels so good! thanks for the reminder to continue the declutter!

  6. Kama
    Kama says:

    Unfortunately we had a stormy sky here in Provence and didn’t get to see the moon but we could certainly feel the energy. I loved your reading so I booked one 🙂

    • admin
      admin says:

      My mentor also follows astrology and how it relates to your business. She’ll be releasing something about planning your business around the stars (and planets) maybe next year. I can’t wait. I always accidentally launch during Mercury Retrograde. Blarg! 😛

      Don’t be intimidated by Tarot. There are no wrong answers. I’ll be posting a video soon that shows you how to start reading the cards in less than 15 minutes. It took me 7-and-a-half years to get to that point. 😉


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