Want to Get More Clients? Join List-a-Palooza

60 Days ago I joined a free training called List-a-Palooza, hosted by PJ Van Hulle (pictured here).

The tagline is ‘Add 10,000 subscribers in 90 Days,’ which I found to be off-putting for some people (see this post by Tanja Gardner of Crystal Clarity Copywriting).

I assumed that if I only added 10% of that – just 1,000 people to my list – it would be more than worth it, so I signed up.

What I didn’t expect was all of the OTHER benefits I would get from the program!

First of all, List-a-Palooza is full of trainings and information on all aspects of your business such as growing your list, attracting clients, how to use Social Media, and how to know what to focus on to get the best results.

PJ brings in great guest speakers each week. We also have a Power Hour each week to focus on a different Social Media site and connect with other participants.

So what can List-a-Palooza do for you? Here are the results I’ve gotten in the first 60 days:

– over 500 new subscribers to my list (and more added each day)

– over 5,000 new Facebook likes

– over 11,000 new Twitter followers

– invitations to guest post on others’ blogs and websites, and 2 magazines

– so many guest blogs at my site that I only had to write 3 articles last month!

– 6 radio show spots (and counting)

– invitations to web tv shows

These are just a few of the things that have happened in the last 60 days. So can List-a-Palooza help you and your business? There are 30 fantabulous days left, and there’s only one way to find out! Join us at List-a-Palooza today. I’ll see you there!

5 Copywriting Tips To Boost the Conversion Power of All Your Marketing

a guest post by Nancy Tierney

Here’s a little secret.

When it comes to consistently attracting more clients, selling more of your stuff, and building a huge tribe of fans who are hungry for what you’ve got to offer, your words are 95.9% responsible for your results.

That’s right. Whether you’re making an audio or video, or writing a blog post, sales page, website or even a Facebook post, the words and phrases you use (and how you use them) will determine whether your prospective clients take action or start yawning as they click away.

So, here are 5 Copywriting Tips to boost the connection and conversion power of your writing. These can be applied to almost anything you’re writing, be it a blog post, a sales page, a promotional email, an autoresponder or even a page on your website.

1.  Know Who You’re Talking To

If you don’t know who you’re writing to, then don’t bother writing anything. Really. Your message is sure to fall flat if you don’t write with a certain person/client/audience in mind. In many ways, writing a marketing piece is like writing a personal letter to a friend; what you say depends on whom you’re writing to!

2.  Have Them at “Hello”

You need to grab your ideal client’s full attention and interest immediately. If your writing a webpage, your headline has to be so compelling that your client can’t help but read on. The same is true for your subject line if you’re writing an email.

One way (and there are many ways) to make sure your headline, title or subject line inspires your client to keep reading is to refer to the promise, reward or juicy benefit they’ll receive by continuing to read your message.

3.  It’s All About Them, Not About You

Have you ever known someone who could talk endlessly about themselves without ever once asking what’s up with you? It’s tiring, isn’t it?

Well, your reader will feel the same way if your message is all about you and what you offer. You need to write about what they need, want, desire, think about, worry about, etc. Acknowledge what’s going on with them before you try to lead them to where they need to go.

4.  Be Conversational, Casual and Personable.

When your client reads your message or content, he or she should feel like you are sitting in the same room with them, having a one-to-one chat over a cup of coffee. You want to write in a style and language that feels conversational, friendly and easy to understand. Don’t try to impress anyone with eloquent prose. Save that for your novel. Just write like you talk… except more concisely and to the point.

5.  Have a Clear Call to Action

No matter what kind of piece you may be writing, it should, almost always, include ONE clear call to action. One and only one. If you give your reader to many directives or choices, they will most likely choose none. But if you tell them exactly what to do, what their one next step is, it will make it easy for them to take that step immediately.

Here’s an example: If you want more great tips on how to write content that converts prospective clients into paying clients, I invite you to download my free 5-Step Formula on how to transform your website into a client connection machine. It’s full of tips to make all of your writing more captivating and compelling.

See, that was my one call to action. If you want to see results from your marketing, you need to do the same!

Writing content that resonates with your ideal client takes practice, intention and the willingness to keep trying. It is an art form, but it’s an art that can be learned. And once learned, you’ll have the key to highly effective marketing that gets great results.










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Breathe to Beat Stress

Is your overwhelm and Stress running your life and business? Are your frustrations stopping you from sharing your gifts with the world? Here is an easy technique you can do Anywhere, Anytime…

Do you want to enjoy the process of becoming a success? But, right now, is your dream business turning into a nightmare J.O.B? Then it is time to go into the Stress-free Productivity Zone.

You are NOT destined to lead a life of stress, anxiety, overwhelm and frustration until you have it ALL figured out.

Yes, you have a big To-Do-List. Opt-in page, driving traffic to your website, creating programs… Each time you complete a task, two more get added to the list, and you feel you are always behind in the game, and everyone else is ahead of you.

When stress and frustration dominate, guess what? You go into “giving up” mode, and the journey becomes longer than you expected.

Working from a Stress-free zone enables you to

  • Double your productivity because of the power of who you are being
  • Double your profits because a calm mind is a creative mind
  • Cut your time in half as you are super focused
  • Make everything look and feel easier as you stay relaxed
  • Get results faster as your clarity is at its peak
  • Sleep better so you can wake up with energy and passion

I teach many simple holistic techniques to dive into the Stress-free Productivity Zone. THERE ARE NO NEW TECHNIQUES FOR YOU TO LEARN.  They are natural and ordinary activities that you do anyways in your life, but only learning to do in a Holistic Artful way.

My Mantra is “From Ordinary to Artful”

Take your breathing for example. You are breathing every second of your life anyways, right? So why not learn to breathe in a way that brings ease and grace to your life and helps you stay in the Stress-free Productivity Zone?  When there is no ease, it becomes a disease (of body and mind).

As a visionary, don’t you want to LIVE LONG and healthy to fulfill your purpose on this earth? To make the difference in the world you are born to make?

Then attention to your breath is very important because your life span is determined not by the number of years allocated to you but by the number of breaths allocated to you.

Do you know?

  • A dog due to its fast breathing has an average life span of only 10 years.
  • A turtle due to its slow breathing has an average life span of 135 years.

Have you observed?

  • When you are stressed and restless, your breathing is fast.
  • When you are calm and relaxed, your breathing is slow.

And vice versa….


If you breathe slowly, you not only stay calm and relaxed, but also live long and healthy. You can learn more about this and the other 6 ordinary activities that you have power over, through my FREE Training

“7 Ancient Secrets for a Holistic and Productive YOU”

You are invited to schedule a ZERO COST Double Your Productivity” Discovery session here

To assist you in feeling relaxed anytime and to sleep better at night, check out my new 8 minute Audio Meditation for just $5 here.

 How to breathe slowly? Here is one simple method:

Sit with your back straight

  1. If comfortable keep your eyes closed
  2. Simply watch your breath in and out of your nostrils
  3. Notice your breath slowing down and your mind calming down

Initially, you may have to allocate at least 5 minutes a day to practice slow breathing. You can do this in chunks of 1 minute. There are many more ways.

Practice makes permanent.

Eventually your breathing goes from ordinary to artful and holistic.

If you want further help in learning to live and work Stress-free, Holistic and Productive please contact me. 401-305-5265


Shanthi is a Yoga Master and a Stress-free Expert and helps business owners struggling with overwhelm and stress to live and work Holistic and Stress-free, so they can double their productivity and profits and truly enjoy their life and work in this world.

Shanthi is also a Professional Dancer, Interactive Storyteller, Vegan Chef, Speaker and a presenter on India.

Feel Your Radiance


Today’s cards are from the Angel Chatter Archangel Oracle Deck by my buddy Chris Alexandria.

Chris and I met at a business convention, and I promptly told her I didn’t “do Oracle decks” nor did I “do Angels.”

Except that weekend I got to play with her new deck. And I love it.

The Angel thing still freaks me out a bit – don’t ask me why, I have issues. Last night I was sitting on my couch when I had this overwhelming urge to grab the deck.

I could hear, “Jophiel” like someone had whispered in my ear.

I try not to ignore these kinds of things these days, so I pulled the Johphiel cards from the deck (after taking off my green bracelet, because I kept feeling yellow).

Here are two of the cards – Break out of your shell and Radiance. These cards all all about listening to yourself, your intuition, and your inner guidance. This is something I have been struggling with in my business lately. If you read the post “5 Lies the Big Gurus are Telling You,” you can see why.

When everyone is piling more and more on you, it is hard to be still and listen to the small voice inside you. It can be even more difficult to take action when a group of people is telling you that you are wrong.

For those of us in the holistic and metaphysical fields, though, we need a different model. One that can teach us to be both spiritually and financially successful. I don’t know about you, but I don’t want to live out of my car and eat crackers again.

For a few moments, sit with these cards, with Jophiel, or just with your higher knowledge. What is your still, small voice telling you? How can you take action on that guidance? I’d love to hear about it – just leave me a comment below.


5 Lies the Big Gurus Are Telling You

I’ve spent the last year following some very successful gurus, learning all I can and improving my business on what I learn and see in the industry.

A lot of this information has been good. Good for my business, good for my growth, and good for serving more clients.

Unfortunately, a LOT of the information has been really, really bad. It does not sit well with me, even if it’s the “industry standard” or “the way everyone is doing it.”

This weekend I met with my new mentor, and we decided to take my business back to its roots. We’ll leave what’s good, and I’ll still be teaching the same programs I’ve been teaching for a couple of years, but I’m going to have to tweak some of them because over time the Tarot got beat out of me.

Here’s what I learned from my year with the gurus, and 5 lies they are telling you about your business:

1. You have to invest thousands of dollars to get anywhere in your business. Not very long ago a colleague and friend of mine was told by a big guru that if she did not spend $10,000 on a private coaching package she was a loser and her business would never go anywhere.

Truth: Yes, you do need to continue to reinvest in yourself and your business. Yes, studies have shown that the higher investments do create bigger transformations. But is it really the amount of money? Or is it the amount of commitment? This is something no one talks about. In my experience, commitment is the most important factor in your success. If you spend more money, you will almost always be more committed. However, if a little girl from the trailer park can make it before she has the money to invest, I’m sure you can, too. Invest what you can at first, reassess as you grow, and invest more.

2. The best way to start making money is to offer $5,000 programs through your Discovery Sessions. Many people will tell you not to even create or offer lower-end programs. Just get people on the phone and get them to invest in your higher-end program first.

Truth: You didn’t get to that big guru through a $5,000 program. While you do need higher-end offerings, you can start at many price points and levels throughout your business. Badgering people into spending tons of money is not a spiritual way of doing business.

3. If you can’t offer a $20,000 program, you need to work on your money blocks. This one has always made me laugh a little. Yes, we all have money blocks, but there is more to it than that.

Truth: If you haven’t offered a certain program before (or any program!) then you won’t necessarily have the confidence in it to charge a huge sum of money. Nor should you. A beta test or two is definitely in order so you can see what works and what needs improvement before you raise the price. Charging a huge sum right out of the gate is part of the sickness of this, “I want everything right now even if I haven’t worked for it” generation.

4. Don’t worry about charging thousands of dollars for your programs – you aren’t leaving anyone out. This one has always felt particularly icky to me. How could I not be leaving people who can’t invest huge sums of money behind? The answer from the gurus is in the first point we covered: that people have to invest more to make transformations, so if you are only charging a little you aren’t helping them anyway.

Truth: You are leaving TONS of people out if you only charge astronomical amounts for your products, programs, and systems. Some people will never make transformations, no matter if they invest $500 or $15,000. I know several people who are out $20,000 and still not making money in their business. Other people need only be given some information and a chance. How many heroes do we have that came from nothing to make something of themselves? By giving lower price points, everyone can get involved.

By the way, how much did you invest in that guru to get that advice? Chances are you came in at a $47 event or a $597 (or less) program. Yet now this person is ignoring these prices points and telling you to go for big money. H-E-L-L-O!

5. You can’t make money doing Tarot, Reiki, or any particular Metaphysical Science. Many of the big gurus will tell you that you have to hide the truth of who you are and what you do.

Truth: This is bullshit. Hiding what you love and what you do may work for some people, but for me it caused major issues including weight gain, lack of interest in life, and feeling like my soul was dead. Even though I was still doing Tarot, over time it became less and less, until it had been nearly 2 months since I picked up a deck. This weekend I started reading again, and life is FUN again! Also, I’ve lost 5 pounds and had 7 inquiries from possible clients just from starting to do what I love again.

I’ve learned a lot this past year about both what I want to do and what I don’t want to do. The truth is, I really do want to help more people. That’s why I’m making a new special offer on the 4 Months to Success Certification Program. You’ll learn what to do in your business, what not to do, and a few alternatives. I’m going to offer this program at a special $297, and you can bring a friend. Plus, the next time I offer it, you’ll be able to attend again for free.

This is how I want to run my business. I’m over the big gurus yelling at me for this. I’m ready to serve you. How can I help?

Knight of Swords in the Wizards Tarot

This weekend I finally purchased the Wizards Tarot by Corrine Kenner. Hooray! Unfortunately, when I took it to lunch and went through the deck, there were two Knight of Swords cards. What was worse is that the 10 of Cups was missing.

I had a good, long laugh at this. The Knight of Swords often comes up for me when I am too much in my head, forging along doing projects that may or may not be the best idea for me. This has been happening a lot in my business, where it has been “full steam ahead” for some time. Part of this has been my exploration of what I really want to do with this business and how I can best help other people.

Not all of it has worked out. Not all of it has felt right. But I have learned a TON from it, and can now help advise other people on the perils out there.

But back to my new deck: there was no 10 of Cups. If you’ve read my blogs in the past, you have heard me begrudge that I am not a “feelings” or “emotions” person. I have had a lot of trouble connecting with this aspect of myself, and for a while did a Mind, Body, Spirit, and Feelings spread every day. While it was somewhat helpful, I always hated turning over that last card. Even today I completely resist doing that spread. So for the 10 of Cups, which is often about emotional completeness, happy families, and the like to go missing, well, let’s not get too deep in analyzing that.

I will say that I was able to trade the deck at the store for a new one. A complete one. While Llewellyn (the publishing company) would have undoubtedly sent me a replacement card I didn’t feel like going through the rigamarole if I didn’t have to. Now my happy little complete Wizard’s Tarot is here.

I think I’ll do a Mind, Body, Spirit, and Emotions spread today and see what’s what.

Have you ever gotten a deck with missing, torn, or messed up cards? What did you do? Did it mean anything in your life or business? Let me know in the comments below.

Angel Chatter Archangel Sandalphon

Today’s card is from Chris Alexandria’s Angel Chatter Archangel Oracle Deck:

Archangel Sandalphon. This Archangel reminds us to Get Outside! Take in the beauty of nature, get out there and feel alive.

Too often as small business owners we spend our days (and evenings) behind the computer. Have you taken the time to rest and recharge in nature yet?

I know I haven’t – I spent all weekend working on a new project because of an approaching deadline. I’m ready to run around outside, feel the dirt under my feet, and smell the freshly-cut grass.

What can you do to rejuvenate yourself today? Even if you can spend just 10 or 15 minutes out during your lunch break, you will feel a difference in your body and your soul.

If you love the Angel Chatter deck as much as I do, you can get the set and even the new workbook at Chris Alexandria’s Site Angel Chatter. Check it out and get wisdom from the Gang today

Gratitude Tarot with Teresa Deak Interview

Today I talk with Teresa Deak, creator of the Gratitude Tarot.

The Gratitude Tarot is a surprisingly rich deck that follows many of the RWS meanings, but has its own unique take on the cards.

This is a photo deck, full of close-up pictures of flower, water, and even some insects. But it is so much more than that.The Gratitude Tarot is all about noticing the sm(all) things in life, and about going deeply into each moment. By harnessing the aspects of Gratitude – Awareness, Thankfulness, Community, and Kindness, you will learn to appreciate your life in a new and exciting way.

Teresa explains the ideas behind the Gratitude Tarot and why the back of the cards feature Duchess the Swan:

You can download the interview as an MP3 HERE.

Find out more and get your Hands on Gratitude.

Tarot Round Table – Chea Maria

This week on the Tarot Round Table, I have the pleasure of interviewing fellow Tarot reader, author, deck creator, and feng shui consultant Chea Maria.

You can find Chea on her websites Bright Journey or at Venus Does Mars. Stay tuned ~ she’s got big plans to combine her websites in the future.

She’s also in the process of creating a new Tarot Deck!

You can listen to the interview with Chea by pressing the play button below:

Or you can download the interview to listen off-line by clicking the box below: