Last Day to Grow Your List

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This past week we wrapped up the amazing List-a-Palooza journey. Thanks to this program, I added:

* 500 new subscribers
* over 5,000 new Facebook fans
* over 12,000 new Twitter followers
* was asked to guest blog post, do several radio shows, and even a magazine article!

To say this event was a success would be an understatement!

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Because I believe so strongly in this program (and the ongoing group you get to be part of), if you invest in it today by 5 pm PST, I will give you my book “50 Places Your Clients are Hiding – in Plain Sight.”

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If you’re curious about how to build a big e-mail list, keep reading… because I’m going to share some of the most powerful tactics that I (and many other industry leaders) have used to grow my e-mail list from 300 people to over 13,000 subscribers…

I’m sharing this because I believe that, in your business…

“Your E-mail List is Your BIGGEST ASSET!”

Here’s why:

Having a profitable e-mail list gives you financial security and a never-ending flow of clients and sales.

For example… A good rule of thumb for monetizing your list is to shoot for $1 per subscriber, per month.

So if you have a list of 10,000 subscribers, you should be able to make $10,000 a month, which most of the people I work with can live on comfortably.

And MANY people I’ve worked with have built strong enough relationships with their “tribe” through e-mail that they can make 6-7 figures even with a much smaller list.

“Don’t Make the Same Mistake I Did…”

Unfortunately, I was in business for almost 11 years before I decided to focus on building my e-mail list.

I was always too busy or overwhelmed with “putting out fires” and working IN my business instead of ON my business.

Well guess what? No matter how many fires I put out, my last business burned up anyway in the real estate crash a few years ago, and I had to declare bankruptcy and start over from scratch.

With a profitable e-mail list you can:

  • Fill your seminars and programs

  • Attract more clients and sales

  • Turn current clients into repeat clients

  • Promote other peoples’ programs that you believe in and earn $1,000s in affiliate commissions
  • Not to mention help hundreds or even thousands of people with your gifts so you can help heal the World!

That would have helped me recover a lot more quickly from the real estate crash!

“Now That I Understand the Power of a Big E-mail List, I Wish I Had Started Years Ago…”

Luckily, I met an internet marketing expert at a live seminar I attended. He helped me understand how to leverage the awesome power of building an e-mail list to nurture my relationships with people in my tribe at a whole new level.

That’s when I decided to make building my e-mail list a priority.

Using some of the tactics you’ll find out about in a moment, I grew my list from 300 to almost 6,000 in a matter of months. And this year so far, I’ve more than doubled my list again.

By building my list, I’ve been able to reach more people all over the world and make a bigger difference with my message as well as make $1,000’s just by sending an e-mail.

That’s what I want for my clients, friends, and community, too.

“That’s Why I Created the List-Building Success Kit…”

You’ll Receive:

Purple Check Mark Unlimited access to 26 List-Building Training Calls with the world’s top heart-based list-building experts in downloadable Mp3’s. Discover the unique perspectives and surprising strategies each expert shares to help you get BIG results and avoid costly mistakes.

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It took 28 takes to get the video done! Here are a couple out-takes, along with an alternate offer for a free Gift:

Win a Free Copy of “50 Places Your Clients are Hiding – in Plain Sight”


Are you struggling to find clients? Do you know where your clients are hiding?

The biggest complaint I get from small business owners is that they just can’t seem to find clients anywhere.

Now all of that is about to change!

“50 Places Your Clients are Hiding – in Plain Sight” will give you hundreds of examples of where your clients are hiding out every day.

You will go from, “I can’t find clients anywhere” to “OMG – they’re everywhere!”

You’ll discover:

* where to find clients based on what you do in your business

* the #1 way to quickly and easily find out where your clients are hiding

* what to say to someone to leave them begging to give you their information so they can find out more

Plus, in this new updated edition, you will get a bonus section on:

* what you absolutely must do before ever leaving the house (or getting on the internet) to find new clients

* the #1 thing you must do to find out if someone is the right client for you (most people don’t even think about this)

* how to approach someone about your business – even a total stranger

* much, much, more

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Get your List-Building Success Kit today. I can’t wait to see you grow your list and attract tons of new clients!

Amethyst Mahoney



How to Plan Your Blog Posts

Today I want to share a fabulous video from my friend and colleague Michelle Shaeffer. She is a total blogging expert extraordinaire.

Have you filled out your blog plan for the next month yet or do you still try to wing it day by day? Michelle shares some easy ways to get great content.

You can also get her great free resource 51 Ways to Explode Your Blog’s Awesomeness!

What’s your favorite tip? I’d love to hear about it!

7 Keys to CLIENTS

key, golden key, client attraction, attract clients, Amethyst, Amethyst Mahoney, Divine WisdomAre you struggling to attract the right clients to your business?

How to find clients is easily the number one question I get asked again  and again.

I used to have the same problem. It seemed like no matter how hard I tried or where I looked, I just  couldn’t find any clients anywhere!

These days it is difficult to leave the house without running into a new client.

Why is that? I  discovered the 7 Keys to CLIENTS.

Today I want to share them with you so that you can start attracting all of the clients you will ever need.

1. Choose your intention. Before you get on-line or leave the house, you need to decide the outcome you are looking for. As my mentor Jenn August says, “Energy before effort!”

Many days I set my intention as “Universe, lead me to one person I can help today.” It’s amazing how it all works out.

2. Listen and be aware. Too often business owners go out with the idea that they need to sell something to someone. This is a great way to chase off potential clients. Instead, open your ears and really listen to the people around you. What are they saying? Who is asking for help?

3. Introduce yourself – the right way. Most small business owners blow it when they approach someone or when they are asked, “What do you do?” Remember, it’s about them, not about you.

4. Engage and interact. Find out what is really going on and if you can help this person. Even a quick 2-minute conversation can lead to a vast amount of knowledge about someone’s situation, but only if you are really listening.

5. Next step. Offer the person a solution if you have one. Get their name, telephone number, and email address and let them know you will contact them with exactly what they are looking for.

6. Thank them and exit. Even if the person says s/he has time to talk, I usually exit pretty quickly (about 3 minutes). You can always set up a breakthrough session to get into more depth later. In most cases, a public place is no place to have a breakthrough session.

7. Send a follow-up and thank them again. Email the person the information you promised (your free report, audio training, etc.) and let them know that you enjoyed meeting them. Offer a breakthrough session and let them know you look forward to helping them more soon.

Start using these 7 Keys to CLIENTS, and you will be amazed at how quickly you meet new clients and help more people as your business grows.

To find out more about the 7 Keys, check out the special Halloween/Samhain Edition of Divine Wisdom News.

What are your best tips to find new clients? I’d love to hear about it!


Getting Unstuck

Tarot, Amethyst Mahoney, Stuck, fluffy bunny, businessThe past nearly two weeks has been a crazy whirlwind for me.

But even with all of the energy and things going on, I have felt completely stuck and very weird.

I’m not sure where this energy is coming from. For the most part, I look at my circumstances and things going on, like my husband coming home from work Tuesday night to let me know he had to pack a bag and go out of town for work. Then leave for his other planned trip on the weekend. There were days of traveling mishaps and even lost baggage.

Still, I thought it couldn’t be all about him. So I looked around at my life. I’m supposed to be packing so we can move (we are still waiting on the hiring freeze to come off so we can go – fingers crossed!), running two programs, putting together the magazine, creating that new offer, and, oh yeah, rewriting my book.

So maybe I’ve just been overwhelmed. But, I’ve noticed that other people have been feeling the same way. The last two weeks or so have been very strange. There’s got to be some weird planetary alignment or something going on that is making so many people feel uneasy.

Here’s a great post by Allison Crow on this subject, and How to Do Your Own Body Scan.

I hope that helps. Thankfully, the energies are finally shifting. Now maybe we can get some things done!



Looking at Your Day

Queen of Pentacles, Steampunk Tarot, Amethyst, Barbara MooreMany people don’t know this, but I often pull a few cards each morning to see how my day is going. Today I drew the following from the Steampunk Tarot by Barbara Moore.

Mind – Queen of Pentacles, Reversed. Still worrying about money? Check. Being in business for yourself can be a bumpy road, and even when you have great plans in place you may worry from time to time. What if this product doesn’t sell? What if this launch doesn’t go well? Do I really have enough people on my list?

Add to that looking to move, and an estimated extra $13,000 needed for repairs and other things…and, well, that could make anyone’s head spin. Of course, when you are worried about money, where it’s coming from, and where it’s going, you’re blocking your natural abundance. Time to turn this Queen right-side-up, where she belongs.

Steampunk, 3 of Wands, Tarot, Steampunk Tarot, Barbara Moore, exercise

Body – 3 of Wands.

I have many different choices when it comes to what to do each day. Whether or not to eat right, exercise, meditate, or sit at my desk and work, work, work, all day long.

We all have things that make us healthy and support our bodies. These are represented by the 3 lights in the card.

However, many of us are still looking outside for more answers, or answers that we think will somehow be “better.”

Rather than spending all of your time and energy searching out there, it’s time to look at what you already know.

Rest in the assuredness that your current wisdom is enough.


8 of Swords, 8 of Swords Reversed, Steampunk Tarot, Tarot, Barabara Moore, Fear, bondage

Spirit – 8 of Swords Reversed.

This card indicates that I have felt tied up for some time, at least as far as my spiritual life goes. These self-imposed chains are slowly shifting away, and pretty soon I will be free.

I have had a rough time with religion and spirituality throughout my life, but recently have started feeling more at peace with who and where I am.

This can have great impact on your business. If you are struggling spiritually, people will feel “off” around you, and often won’t invest with you even if you offer great products and services.

My new mentor Jenn August has a fabulous saying, “Energy before effort.” The past week or so I’ve noticed just how right she is. Once again I have people seeking me out and total strangers coming up to talk to me just because they can tell that I am happy.

Let your swords and worries fall away, and you will see your business increase.

Try your own Mind, Body, Spirit Spread today. It’s really quick, and you can do it in just 2 or 3 minutes. I’d love to hear about it!

Amethyst Mahoney
Amethyst, Amethyst Mahoney, Tarot, Steampunk Tarot, Gilded Tarot

Blue Moon Tarot

Friday August 31st is the night of the Blue Moon. This is the second full moon of the month, and we won’t see another one again until July of 2015.

The Moon affects the ebbs and tides of our emotions. While the last two weeks may have left you feeling completely off-kilter, things should be settling down now. What can you do to harness the power of the Blue Moon?

* leave all of your crystals out to charge
* do a special rite or ritual
* connect with your Spirit or Animal Guides
* meditate on what you would like next in your life
* get rid of things that no longer serve you – unclutter your life!

I like to do a Tarot reading to honor this time. Try this for yourself.

Blue Moon, Gilded Tarot, Queen of Cups, XIII Death, XII The Hanging Man, XIV Temperance, XV The Devil

I used the Gilded Tarot by Ciro Marcetti for this spread.

1. What gifts does this Blue Moon bring? This card is placed in the middle.

In my spread, it is XII The Hanging Man, Reversed. The Hanging Man has been through a great deal of trials and challenges. He has learned to look at his life from many perspectives. Now he is beginning to rely on himself and his own truths instead of being distracted by the advice of others, and is learning that that is enough.

The gift of this Blue Moon is a reminder to look inside yourself and rely on your own wisdom.

2. What do I need to focus on? This card is placed just to the right of the middle card.

In my spread, this is the Queen of Cups. I recently chose a new focus card, and she is the Queen of Cups. This is validation that I am on the right path.

3. What do I need to let go of? This card is placed below the middle card.

In my spread, this is XV The Devil, Reversed. This is my need for perfection, and to leave my life the way I think it is “supposed” to be lived. I have found myself struggling to create a schedule in my business because I keep feeling as if I need to work 8 to 5 like people do in the corporate world. Time to let that go and create a better life for myself.

4. What do I need to know about my relationships? This card is placed to the left of the middle card.

In my spread, this is XIV Temperance, Reversed. Things may be on shaky ground and out of balance. Luckily, the Queen of Cups will be able to help out!

5. What do I need to know about my business (or job/career)? This card is placed above the middle card.

In my spread, this is XIII Death, Reversed. Death is all about changes, and now that it is reversed it looks like some things will finally be settling down. Hooray! My business has gone through so many changes this year, it’s insane. I’m glad I did an about-face and picked back up where I should be.

What about you? What does your Blue Moon Tarot spread say for you? If you are doing this under the Blue Moon tomorrow, feel free to use crystals and make a whole ritual out of it. I’d love to hear about it!

Things You Need to Know about Contacting Business Partners

A few months ago I received an email from someone about featuring them in my business. I told them their business does not meet my requirements to be featured and sent them some free information on how to correct this (if they wanted). I told them to get back to me at a later time if they made these corrections.

Today I received this email (I am leaving out the person’s name and identifying info for obvious reasons):

This is the entirety of the email. Let’s take a look at what you can do to make a better impression in your own business when you contact potential business partners.

1. Acknowledge the person you are writing to. A “Hello” doesn’t kill you, but more than that you need to tell the other person where you know them from. Do you read their blog? Did you meet them at an online event like PJ Van Hulle’s List-a-Palooza? Are you in a Facebook group together?

Coming at someone out of nowhere does not make a good first impression. Even if they do remember where they know you from, a business partner will appreciate that you took the time to state this, and will feel like you probably know what you’re doing because the majority of small business owners will not do this.

2. It’s about them, not about you. If you are writing to someone to see if you can write a guest blog post for their site, be on their radio show, or write for their magazine, you need to bring it. Tell them what you can give to their audience and why they should choose you.

Stating, “Here is my services that i want you to help me get the word out,” is going to get you nowhere – fast. You need to decide where you can add value to that person’s business, and then set out to explain it to your new business partner. Let them know that you understand who their audience is, and why you are a good fit.

3. You need to choose a focus. No one likes a laundry list of everything that you can do for everyone. This is the sign of a business owner who doesn’t know what they’re doing, and you aren’t going to win influential friends that way. When you write to a potential business partner, you need to tell them exactly what you can do for their audience. What problem can you help them solve?

When you choose a specific problem to focus on, that business partner will be able to make an informed decision as to whether or not you are a good fit, and will also be able to refer you to other potential matches.

What about you? Have any tips about contacting potential business partners? I’d love to hear about them!


My Business is More Sugarland than Martina McBride – 3 Takeaways from the Willamette Country Music Festival

sugarland, country, music, Willamette, festivalmartina mcbride, country, music, festival

This past weekend I went to the Willamette Country Music Festival. I was really looking forward to two acts in particular: Sugarland (pictured on the left), who performed on Friday night, and Martina McBride (on the right), who performed on Saturday.

To my surprise, I loved Sugarland. The concert was probably the most fun, entertaining, and energetic I’ve ever been to. Jennifer (the lead singer) was sporting a very prominent baby bump, but that didn’t slow her down one bit!

Most of the songs were about enjoying life, having fun, and doing what you love for a living. It was all very upbeat and made you want to go out there and really live.

Saturday night, before Martina’s concert, they did a half hour or so about foster kids in the area. My husband and I went though the foster parent program a while back, but things didn’t work out with our home and schedules. We’re looking forward to trying again when we move. Eventually we’ll end up adopting a foster kid or two.

A lot of the program was very subtle guilt-tripping about “Why aren’t you doing your part? Even if you don’t actually take in a foster kid, you could still do this, that, or the other thing.” Okay, thanks, I already know that.

Then Martina McBride came out and sang about breast cancer. And domestic violence. And breast cancer again. And someone who died, and then domestic violence.

By that point I was more than ready to go. Even her, “I’ve been blessed” song is about supplication and non-deserving-ness. I was completely underwhelmed. Not to mention that she was wearing a too-fancy outfit and did not appear to be enthusiastic about being there.

It’s too bad, because she does have some great songs. But she didn’t sing anything fun. It was all special causes, and really after a while that just gets to be too much. I left about an hour into her concert, even though she was scheduled for two hours. I really didn’t feel like being preached at any longer.

So I’ve decided that I really am more like Sugarland than Martina McBride. Sure, I contribute to causes and do good things in the world. But I don’t have to tell you about it all do every day. If you actually live in joy and do what you are passionate about, you are contributing to the world as well. By the way, Sugarland does plenty of fundraisers and the members donate to various causes as well.

The only difference is they don’t preach to you about it the whole time they are singing at a  concert.

So what did I take away from this event?

1. Do what you love.

2. Have fun doing it. You can get your point across by living your life, not preaching about it.

3. Be yourself. People can be successful even though they are very different and have very different styles. Your clients will connect to you when you are yourself.

So what about you? Are you more Sugarland or Martina McBride? Or something else altogether?

3 Reasons You Clutter and What to Do About It

Is clutter keeping your clients from finding you?

Clutter can block every aspect of your business and personal life. It causes untold amounts of stress, wreaks havoc on your relationships, and even messes up your bottom line.

Why is that?

Clutter blocks the flow of energy in your life. Remember the story about the Buddhist monk with the overflowing teacup? Your life is the same way. There is so much in it right now that it is overflowing, and there is no room for anything else to get in – not clients, not positivity, not even happiness. It’s all buried under giant piles of stuff laying around.

But, it’s not your fault. Everyone clutters to some degree or other. We all collect things, whether we need them or not, and we are told that this is good by the media and our society. If you are a living, breathing human being, then there’s about a 99% chance that you have some issues with clutter.

Why does this happen?

Some people will just blame society and the media, but it goes deeper than that. Some people will tell you that you have “One Root Cause” or “Core Issue” for your clutter.

But this isn’t true, either.

In my decade plus as a mental health therapist, I worked with many people who had issues with clutter. Some were diagnosed, many of us were not. What I found over time is that you do NOT have one core issue that causes your clutter.

You have several issues.

I have found this to be true over and over again.

There are different types of clutter, and often you will have a different reason to be tied
to each type!

Let’s look at a few of the most common types of clutter and what is really going on behind them:

1. The “I may need it someday” clutter. Do you keep scraps of paper, old magazine articles, strange tools that you don’t remember what they are for because you may need them someday? In most cases, someday never comes. So what is this about? Usually, a person who keeps these random objects often:

a. Is afraid the Universe won’t provide. If you grew up poor or your parents always talked about how there wasn’t enough, you may be afraid that you won’t have enough and that you must keep absolutely everything “just in case.” These random objects and unread stacks of papers are tying you down and holding you back.

b. Had a loved one who always had exactly what someone needed. Especially if this loved one has passed on, you may associate the care and Boy Scout – preparedness this person exhibited. Maybe s/he always had a kind word and a band-aid when you needed it. You may desire to emulate this love and try to be everything to everyone – by having anything anyone could ever possibly need.

c. Had a loved one who collected things or even had a clutter/hoarding issue. Sometimes we just end up copying the patterns we see. Whether you love this person or they were just a relative or someone you knew, somehow you picked up the habits. Secretly, maybe on a subconscious level, you may have envied the attention they got from their collections or even from their illness if they were diagnosed, especially if you were ignored because of it.

2. The “I remember when” clutter. Memories and souvenirs are great, but not if they are taking over your life! Do you have 27 snow globes from various trips and vacations collecting dust in the attic? Do you have 18 boxes of photographs from your childhood through the present that you are going to “put in a scrapbook some day”?

Some people even keep tax records, receipts, and random paperwork for years, even decades. When I was going through the attic of the home we bought from my husband’s parents, I was happy to know that they had bought new tires in the 1980’s for a truck they sold in early 2003.

Usually, however, this type of clutter takes the form of pictures (yes, even those 4,000 digital ones taking up space on your hard drive) and trinkets. Or knick-knacks, as I like to call them. Some reasons behind this clutter are:

a. You want to remember the good times. Who doesn’t? We all like to have our 6 of Cups moments of nostalgia, but it can get out of hand. Quickly. If you are going to keep all of your movie stubs from every movie you see ever, then you need to find a place to put them. If you are going to scrapbook your photos, then set aside some time to do it. Otherwise, these are not memories, they are just stuff taking up space and stressing you out.

b. You feel connected to the past. Did you know that most people keep photos and reminders of their past relationships, even if they are unhappily divorced and don’t have children with that person? Or they keep photos and mementos of trips or events that upset them every time they see them. I knew a lady who kept a souvenir of the Eiffel Tower even though when she went on the trip her boyfriend broke up with her there. When I went to New York I didn’t buy any souvenirs because I didn’t like it there, and I didn’t want any of that energy to come back home with me. If it doesn’t make you happy, just say no!

c. You are afraid that may have been the best time of your life, and you’ll never be as happy again as you were then. There is often a little bit of subconscious fear that we must hold on to these past experiences because they define who we are, and we will never have a chance to relive something that good again.

3. The “so-and-so gave it to me” clutter. This can be the worst clutter, and the most difficult to get rid of. Your friends and family give you things, often hideous things like ugly vases or pictures. Or your husband brings home yet another cutesy stuffed animal for Valentine’s Day or your birthday.

How do you get rid of the offending objects without hurting feelings? The truth is, often you can’t. So you’re gonna have to suck it up buttercup and take a stand. You may have to tell your friends and relatives that you just can’t accept any more vases/pictures/teddy bears because your house is full.

Get rid of as many offending items in a giant yard sale that you can. You will probably have a lot of guilt (at first) around letting these things go, but in the end it will be worth it.

Want to know how to let the clutter go so that you can invite more clients and more abundance into your life? Join me for a free training to get some tips that will work on any type of clutter.

You will get 4 dates and times to choose from:

Thursday, August 23 at 3 pm PST

Friday, August 24 at 10 am PST

Sunday, August 26 at 2 pm PST

Wednesday, August 29 at 5 pm PST

I’ll see you on the call, where you’ll learn how to Declutter for Clients.