Are You Trying to Live Up to Impossible Standards of Business?

This video and these shoes are a comment on the Scary Beautiful life women are supposed to lead, and the insane standards you are held to every day.

Women are bombarded with these messages every day. What you should do. What you should wear. What you should look like. Even what you should (and shouldn’t!) eat.

When you take on everyone else’s ideas of what “should” be happening in your business, you end up with impossible standards that actually slow you down. Look how s-l-o-w-l-y this model has to walk in these shoes!

It’s time to let go of the guilt and the overwhelm, and decide your standards for business – not someone else’s crazy ideas.

Let me help in your Crazy Beautiful Business Breakthrough Session.

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* a clear understanding of what you can offer your clients

* innovative ways to use your passions in your business

* a new awareness of what is causing your challenges right now (it’s probably
not what you think!)

* a renewed sense of energy about your business and your passions

* a next-step action plan for moving your business into the next successful phase

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How to Put YOU in Your Business

Shivie Cook helps you put YOU back in your business. Are you sacrificing your relationships, your health, and your sanity for your business? Find out how it’s affecting your bottom line during Shivie’s interview. You’ll discover:

* How ExtraOrdinary Self Care will actually bring in business and help you improve your bottom line

* 11 Simple Steps that will reignite your fire for life in just 10 days

* How to put YOU in your business plane

* and much more!

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Rock Your Life and Your Biz

Today Paula D’Andrea shares 5 Easy Steps to Rock Your Life and Your Biz on the Business is NOT So Scary free teleseries.

You’ll discover:

* 5 easy steps to rock your life and your biz

* How BUI (Behaving Under the Influence) of negative programming can sabotage your biz success

* and much, much more

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Get Through Your Blogging Fears

Many thanks to Michelle Shaeffer, who is stepping in today. (Our scheduled interviewer had a family emergency, and you will hear from her later this month.)

Michelle Shaeffer is an amazing blogging expert who grew her list from 850 to over 12,000 in just 2 years. In fact, the numbers are probably much higher now as she is hosting another Ultimate Blog Challenge during October!

Michelle gets over a quarter million hits on her website each month, and has an Alexa rating under 100,000.

Check out the interview where you can hear how she did it all just by blogging, and how you can, too!

When I first met Michelle I still had a free Blogger website and got 400 views a month. It took me over 2 hours to write a single blog post. With her help I know have thousands of views a month and can write great content in 12-15 minutes! You won’t want to miss this call. Sign up now:

Break Distribution Barriers With Smashwords

 a guest blog post by Mary Muse Wilson

You’ve written a great ebook and it’s selling through your site. Congratulations! Maybe you’ve even published it through Amazon’s Kindle Digital Platform (KDP). But wouldn’t you like to see your book on other sites, like Barnes & Noble, Kobo, Diesel Ebooks, and Apple’s Itunes Book Store? And wouldn’t it be awesome if one site distributed to nine major online, distribution, and library outlets?

Well, you’re in luck! One site does, and with a few mouse clicks, you can have your ebook (provided it meets a few requirements) distributed worldwide. At last count, Smashwords and its premium distribution partners sell in nearly every country of the world, and in up to eleven currencies. For those of us in the US, Smashwords then makes the currency conversion for us, simplifying the process even more!

What is Smashwords?

Smashwords is an online retailer and publishing platform for ebooks. For books priced at $0.99 and over, and which meet their formatting guidelines, they send the books to all of their distribution partners, which means as a business owner you can get onto several major platforms with one upload of your title. It’s a major time saver! Additionally, for most books under $2.99, Smashwords provides better royalty percentages at Amazon and Barnes & Noble, meaning you get to keep more money for each sale!

How Smashwords can save you time and money

Though Smashwords does have a few drawbacks (which I’ll discuss later), it saves business owners massive amounts of time and money. As a publisher, I’m routinely uploading books to third party vendors. Currently I work with about half a dozen, including Smashwords. I literally have a chart where I go through each title, marking it off as it gets uploaded to a vendor, to ensure I don’t miss anyone. It can be time consuming, and for a business owner who might produce an ebook every few months or so, that time adds up! Time is money, so all that time saved is money saved. Additionally, I’ve found for most books, I receive far better percentages when I use Smashwords to access Amazon and Barnes & Noble, so they also put more money in my pocket.

And honestly, I prefer the simplicity of Smashwords. One upload and I’m done! It really takes the stress and worry of tracking down new vendors away, because I know Smashwords is doing it for me. They’ve recently added library outlets, as well as Baker & Taylor, a book distributor similar to Ingrams, which means that they’re always looking for ways for my book or information product to reach new readers. It’s a win-win.

Smashwords also has an affiliate program, so you can use your links to send customers to Smashwords, earning you even more money. They also have a great coupon program which you can use to provide review copies or generate discount coupons.

Great, how do I use Smashwords?

First, sign up for an account at their site. It’s free and you’ll need one to purchase books anyway. Next, download the Smashwords Style Guide. You’ll want to review this to ensure your book is formatted appropriately. Which, is the only drawback to Smashwords. They require specific formatting to send the book to their premium distribution partners, and to do so, they run the book through their “meatgrinder” to convert it into as many formats as possible. This process creates a serviceable copy of your book, but any fancy formatting, pictures, etc., may not be included in the final copy. To my mind, this is the only downside of Smashwords (I’ve found them to be very good in all other areas, including customer service.), and to gain the large distribution reach they offer, a trade-off I’m willing to make.

Once your book is formatted, click on “publish” at the top and upload your book. They’ll walk you through the process from there, and within a few days, your book will be well on its way to smashing any distribution barriers it may have faced before. Then, you’re ready for your next book.

Intrigued by Smashwords and thinking a book might be great for your business? Already an author and looking to step into self-publishing? Join me Thursday, October 18, at 7pm CST for a free teleseminar where I’ll talk about creating a book for your business and how to get it distributed so that you get readers and extra income. Register here.








3 Steps to Creating Your Awesome Heart Centered Business with Law of Attraction

We’re kicking off the Divine Wisdom Academy’s Business is NOT So Scary teleseries today with Terry Wildemann!

In her 3 Steps to Creating Your Awesome Heart Centered Business with Law of Attraction, you will discover:

* 3 steps to creating your awesome heart-centered

* the #1 thing you need to know for business success

* an exercise to help you identify your passion

* What the Law of Attraction REALLY is (and isn’t!)

* and much more

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