5 Ways to Connect with Your Ideal Customers

a guest post by Christine Brady

Regardless of the term you use, connecting, targeting, marketing – when it comes to running a business, it all means the same thing.  Getting on a level with your customers where you understand them and what they are going through.  Their pains, their frustrations, their joys.

All the things that weigh heavily on their minds each and every day.

Being able to get on that level will not only send your business into overdrive, but it will make you more of an attraction magnet to your ideal customers.

The Irresistible Parts of Your Business

Attracting the right customers for your business is a crucial part of business success.  That’s an oversimplified statement, but it is entirely spot on.

Here’s an image I like to use:  Suppose your business is the core of an apple.  It’s the inner workings.  Now we wouldn’t call the core of an apple an apple.  It’s just the core – the non-edible part.  That apple is not complete without the surrounding matter or layers.  It’s the juicy stuff that makes it an apple.  The same is true with your business…

The core is just the inner workings of your business – the positioning of your business.  The actual apple is the part that people can see, touch, taste (maybe if you have a health food business), but the idea is that the surrounding matter is what gives your business irresisitibleness.

Ways to Connect with Your Ideal Customers

If you want to connect with your ideal customers, you have pull together all of your business’ irresistible qualities and make them work together.

Your website or blog.  Your website is like your home on the Internet.  But more importantly, your website is a reflection of your business.  Clear, concise messages should be prominent on your home page.

Consider this question – what do I want visitors to do on my website?  Hopefully it has something to do with opting in to your list.

Your articles.  The articles you publish on your site give your readers a glimpse into the real you and what you offer.  A blog post is not just a blog post, it is a statement to the rest of the world about the focus of your business.  The saying, “content is king” is only 3 little words – 15 characters – but the contextual meaning behind it is enormous.

It’s the content that’s the king – that’s what customers yearn for, not necessarily your business.

Your opt-in.  An opt-in form is not a maybe, nor is it a “I’m too busy with other things.”  If your opt-in form is not converting readers into subscribers, then finish reading this article, head over to your website and change up your opt-in form.  An opt-in form with a strong message to your ideal prospects is not an optional thing.  It’s a must.  Your subscriber list is your strongest level of connections.  Social media is great, but it can also be eliminated without warning.

Focus on growing your list daily.

Your sales copy.  Your sales copy does not need to be perfect.  I’ll repeat it again, your sales copy can have flaws.  It’s ok.  Did you know that sometimes even the most unpolished copy outpulls the most solid, professionally done copywriting?  It’s true – The reason has to do with your market and your relationship with your market.

Your customers know you, they are on your list to learn more from you… Something you said or wrote or did struck a chord with them and they were impressed by you.  In this case, your sales copy is just a formality.  It’s a chance for you to highlight some of your products best benefits, as they apply to your ideal customers.

Your messages.  This final aspect goes back to the “content is king” statement.  This is specifically for your email messages, but really any content you publish is at stake.  Your messages further develop the relationship you have with your customers.  The key is knowing who you are writing to in the first place.

Take it to the Next Level

Connecting with your target customers is one thing, once they start connecting with others and sharing your messages with them, that’s where the real expansion occurs.

And it happens without you even knowing it – one person shares something you wrote with his or her tribe and they share it again and pretty soon, you have connections from all over the World Wide Web.

All because you connected with your ideal customers in the first place.

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How To Avoid Overwhelm While Climbing The Ladder To Success

a guest blog post by Leanne Chapman

When you’re working on building your own business as a solo entrepreneur, often with your old office job still in tow, not to mention your family commitments and responsibilities, one glance at your ‘to do’ list can be enough to make you want to crawl back into bed.

How do you keep going when it feels like it’s all too much and you can’t even remember why you wanted to do this in the first place? I imagine it’s a little like what climbing enthusiasts feel when they set out to climb something like Mt Everest. Do they look at the peak up there in the clouds each and every day and remind themselves that this is where they need to get to? Probably not.

Any major goal is a series of small ‘one foot in front of the other’ goals. For a climber, just getting to base camp would probably be step number 267 on their ‘to do’ list. It’s possible to get so caught up in these smaller steps that when we do finally look up, our destination is suddenly a whole lot closer.

It’s like those times when you see a niece or nephew after a few months apart and you notice how much they’ve grown. Their parents don’t really notice this because they see their children every day. Likewise, if we watch our destination closely, we won’t notice our progress as much as we would if we took our eyes off it and focused instead on the next step, and the step after that.

The process of avoiding overwhelm is a little like driving a long distance at night. We can really only see a tiny space ahead of us at a time, but we can drive a great distance in this manner. Building a business is like this – we only need to see the next step to move ahead, but if we keep stopping to check our destination we will take a lot longer to reach it.

Continually looking at our ultimate goal can also create doubts and hesitation because we feel so overwhelmed about the distance we still have to travel. What often happens at this point is that other people pick up on this and also begin to have doubts about us. Have you ever watched someone who was unsure about what they were doing? Unless the person was someone close to you in whom you had total faith, you may have also started to doubt their abilities to finish the task. If we feel strongly committed to our goals, oddly enough other people will start to believe in them too.

So it’s crucial to believe in yourself by ensuring your goals are in alignment with your values rather than someone else’s. If you know what’s true for you and you follow this truth, not only will you find putting one foot in front of the other much easier even when the going gets tough, you’ll notice others will also believe in you and support you through these times.

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What to Do When You’re Feeling Down

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I’ll see you there. Until then, keep singing…