Write a Story With Your Tarot Card

magician, tarot, wizard tarotToday’s card is the Magician from the Wizard’s Tarot by Corrine Kenner.

One great way to explore the Tarot is to write a story for your card. It’s fun to be as over-the-top and outlandish as you can possibly be. You can even invent other people, animals, or situations that are not pictured in the card! Here is an example from a recent class:

Once upon a time there was a young magician. He had learned a few things about magic while growing up on the shores by the ocean. He never knew he was a magician, only that he could do things others could not. He spent his days laughing and playing by the sea. One day an old man with a long beard came to visit his parents. The boy was taken to a nearby wizard’s school to learn about magic. He was overcome with joy.

Soon, however, the joy turned to dismay as his teachers gave him rule after rule, stifling his creativity. They even told him he could not practice magic except in class for assignments! This was ridiculous to the boy as he had spontaneously done magic all his life. The young wizard grew more and more distraught with the regulations, and began to act out. He chastised the teachers for warning him about the dangers of magic, and told them to shove their fluffy bunny, soft, and touchy-feely approach. And their rules.

On the night of Samhain Eve, the young wizard decided to do an advanced ritual. He gathered all of the materials he needed. This was magic beyond what he had done as a child. He began the ritual and his magical tools began floating around! The young wizard was overjoyed and began laughing. He raised his wand high overhead as the objects flew faster and faster around him. His hair blew in the breeze they created, and never had he felt so alive! He could even hear the sound of the ocean outside the window, a sound that took him back to his days of playing as a child.

A small crowd had started to gather down the hall and under the stairs. One or two students went to wake the headmaster and to get some of the professors. The excitement grew as the air filled with the electrical energy. The young wizard did not notice any of this as he was in a world of his own.

As the headmaster ran down the hall, the air around the magician went dark. A giant black rectangle formed over him, and no one could see him.Suddenly the rectangle shrank, and the young wizard had disappeared. His athame and cup fell to the floor with a shatter, and then silence as the candles blew themselves out.

No one ever knew for sure what became of the young wizard, but that doesn’t stop anyone from telling the tale. Some used it as a warning against being head-strong and using magic beyond your abilities. Others saw it as a demonstration of what you could do, and strived to become better at the art. As for me, I think the boy has gone somewhere that he can be free to use his abilities as he likes. When you go down the hall late at night, especially on Samhain Eve, some say you can hear the ocean, and a small boy laughing as he plays and explores his natural magical abilities.

One might surmise from this story that the author may find traditional rules, especially in school or other situations, to be overly-stifling. What you believe will often come out in unexpected ways when you tell a story about your Tarot Card. So go ahead and try it. I’d love to hear your stories.

Embrace Your Inner Court Card

Queen of Wands Gilded Tarot I’ve talked to a lot of people this past year about embracing their Inner Court Card. We do an exercise in some of my groups where we choose a future court card that exhibits qualities that we want to embrace – but for some reason we are not quite there yet, and we are not quite ready to move forward. Usually it’s because we are scared.

When I did this exercise around last May or June, I chose the Queen of Wands from the Gilded Tarot as my future card. And let me tell you, this lady scared the BeJeezus out of me!

When I saw this Queen, I thought, “There’s no way I could ever do all of the amazing things she does!” Then I wrote down some of the things that she could do, but that I couldn’t do, such as:

~ writing a book

~ leading workshops and classes without worry or fear

~ writing and publishing magazine articles

~ stepping up in her business community and asking people to be a part of something bigger

~ talking to her heroes

~ taking on one-on-one clients

~ believing in herself

These are some of the qualities and things that I wanted to do, and honestly I thought it would take me YEARS to get there. But with the help of some exercises and some hard work, I feel like I can honestly say that I have accomplished many of these goals!

This past year I:

~ wrote my own book and turned it into a self-published book and video series; I am currently writing another book to submit to a traditional publisher

~ lead several workshops and classes without fear. When I was told that one workshop needed to be 3 hours instead of 1 (the day before it was scheduled) because someone had cancelled, my response was, “Cool. I can totally do that. It’ll be fun!” I couldn’t believe that I really felt that way.

~ I’ve written and been published several on-line magazines. I now have a regular feature in one of them.

~ I arranged the Purpose, Passion, and Profits Business Training Series as well as the Free Tarot Valentine’s Day GiveAway

~ I fairly regularly chat with Barbara Moore and Theresa Reed on Facebook. I can’t wait to meet them in person. One of these days I will corner Mary K. Greer at a convention. 🙂

~ I regularly hold private conversations and coaching with clients on a one-on-one basis. This was a HUGE fear for me. I have always loved speaking to large groups rather than one person. It’s a numbers thing. If you are speaking to 40 people, at least a couple of them will like you, but if you’re only talking to one person, you’ve only got a 50/50 shot!

~ I completely believe in myself now. Sure, I have some down days here and there. Who doesn’t? But I have a plan for my business, a plan to become a traditionally-published author, a plan to host my own new radio blog show, and a plan to make 6 Figures a year.

So why am I telling you all of this? Because it was the act of embracing my inner court card ~ the person who I wanted to become, even though I thought she was so terribly out of reach, that helped me reach every one of these goals last year. And you can do this, too.

Find the court card you most want to be like. Write down all of the qualities that person possesses. Write down all of the things they do, like public speaking, writing, or networking. Write down some real, tangible things that person can do: write and publish 3 magazine articles, meet 4 new possible clients, attend a network lunch.
Then start taking steps toward those things. Pretty soon, you will look back and be amazed at how far you have come.
As for me, my Queen of Wands has served me well, but I feel like it is time to move on, to embrace another Court Card and another aspect of myself. It is time to evolve once again. So I am choosing:

The King of Pentacles. I’m ready to really get through some of my issues around money, and the blocks I have around money.

I’ve been working on this for some time, and I think I’m ready to move forward and embrace that abundance.
And it scares the BeJeezus outta me!

In fact, that’s one way that I know this is truly the next card I need to work with. I literally tear up looking at it. When choosing between the Queen of Pentacles and the King of Pentacles, I went with the King because I like the way he’s chillin’ on his throne. Plus, he’s wearing purple tights – how cool is that?

Honestly, though, the sky is dark behind him and the moon is out, suggesting a balance with his feminine side, as well as the ability to listen to his intuition and Inner Guidance.

So what are some things this King does? I’ll be writing some of those down over the next few days, as long as some real-World stuff that he would accomplish.

Sit down now and pull out the Queens and Kings in your Tarot deck. Which one will help you meet your goals? Embrace your inner court card, and let us know which one it is and why below:

How To Get A Great Tarot Reading

Your Tarot Reading

You’ve booked your Tarot reading. Congratulations! Now what?

Every Tarot reader does things a little bit differently. Even if you’ve had a Tarot reading before, when you see a new reader the experience can be totally different. Here are a few tips to make the most out of your Tarot reading.

 1. Have a Question? Let your reader know if you have a specific question that you want to know about. You can do a general reading, but if there is something going on in your life, it’s great to bring that to the cards up-front.

2. Spill It! Don’t just sit there and uh-huh or wait for the cards to predict your future. The best Tarot readings are ones where you are involved. You might not want to tell your reader every sordid detail of your life story, but you do want to address what you see in the cards or what you are feeling about what she says.

You can spend your time waiting for the cards to reveal what your real question is, or you can use that time to dive in deeply and get the answers you are really looking for.

3. Take Notes. Jot down the highlights so that you don’t get so involved in taking notes that you miss the process of the reading. If we are doing an in-person reading, you can even take photos of your cards. Ask if you can record the reading. Most phones have an app that will easily do this for you.

4. Find Your Own Outcome. Don’t like the outcome the cards predict for you? Explore what you can do to create the future that you really desire! The cards only reveal what is most likely to happen if you stay on your current path. Change your choices, and you change your future. It’s always up to you.


Journey Through Your Soul

Strength Shadowscapes Tarot The Journey through the Soul Program is based on an amazing Tarot spread that demonstrates the process we go on through all of life’s challenges as we navigate the Spiral of Ascension. Strength (shown here from the Shadowscapes Tarot) is where we begin. While most people focus on what’s wrong, real change is based on what’s right about you.

Next comes a Tower moment – that moment when your World seems to come crashing down. It is easy to get lost in the Tower moment, but by recognizing that it is a moment and finding the Gift in it, you are able to move on.

After the Tower, you need time to grieve. The 5 of Pentacles is where you take time to mourn your loss, gather your resources, and acknowledge what happened. Many people try to gloss over the 5 of Pentacles or refuse to admit that it even happened.

The Chariot is where you begin to see the light at the end of the tunnel. You realize that you can take control again and direct your life towards the path that you choose. The Chariot helps you identify what’s next.

3 of Cups helps you rejoin your community, connect with friends and family, and network with people who can help you on your Path. Often after a Tower moment, we withdraw from the World. The 3 of Cups reminds us that it is time to get back out there again.

The Queen of Cups helps you find your voice again. She is filled with compassion for the journey that you and others are on. She helps you be gentle with yourself as you redefine your goals and create new intentions with your new understanding.

The Journey through Your Soul is one that you repeat time and time again. If you have not recognized this journey as traveling up the Spiral of Ascension yet, it is easy to feel defeated or depressed when your Tower or 5 of Pentacle moments come. However, with more understanding and the realization that we are ever-growing and increasing our vibration, you can find renewed Strength and hope to help you on your journey. See all the cards here.

What do you think of the Journey through Your Soul? Where are you at in your Journey? Please share in the comments below.

Ready to address your own Journey through Your Soul?

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Strength From the Shadowscapes Tarot

Strength, Tarot, Shadowscapes TarotToday’s card is Strength from the Shadowscapes Tarot.

Most people start by looking at what is wrong with them, or what they “can’t” do. I was a psychologist for over a decade, and I always had to start my interviews with, “What is wrong?” This is completely icky and gross. Personally, I railed against this system and was always getting into trouble for asking people to focus on what was going well in their lives, how they could change things, and where they could create a better future.

Shame on me, right?

Instead of focusing on what you’re not good at, and wasting countless hours trying to “improve” yourself, let’s focus on what you are good at – your Strengths. When you approach life from a “what’s right” angle, you not only accomplish much more and do it much more quickly, but you get much more satisfaction from it.

Where have you applied (or not applied) the Strength card to your life? I’d love to hear about it in the comments below!

The Strength card is one of the cards on the Soul Journey Spread. Do you know where you are on your Soul Journey? Find out with this 30-second Quiz:

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Tarot Reader’s Guide to Surviving the Holidays

[images style=”0″ image=”http://amethystmahoney.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/12/christmas-family.jpg” width=”460″ align=”center” top_margin=”0″ full_width=”Y”] The internet and television are full of pretty pictures of families coming together to celebrate the joyous holiday season. But for many of us, the holidays are a time of stress and strife. You may feel like the outsider looking in.

Luckily, there are things that you can do to avoid the pain of the holidays this year. Here are 3 tips to help you survive this holiday season:

1. Determine what you really want this year. Most of the time we go into the holidays on the defensive. We’re stressed out before we even see one relative or hear one, “When are you going to get a real job?”

This year decide that you are going to be happy no matter what.

be right or be happy

2. Your job is to be happy, not educate others about things they don’t want to know. Instead of trying to explain how your family’s religious holiday practices were “borrowed” from other events like Saturnalia or that there are hundreds of Gods who were born of virgins, crucified, and raised from the dead, it’s easier to just smile and nod.

magic girl in a muggle world

A truly Spiritual person accepts all religious paths and beliefs. That means ALL of them. Even that one with the really mean God who smited you growing up. Because that God isn’t bad – just the way he’s been interpreted by others is bad. So sit back, enjoy the tree and lights, and try not to giggle when your family members are holding decorations that have been used in fertility rituals for centuries.

christmas trees and wreaths

3. Deflect the Muggles. Most of our family members don’t understand our lives or our choices. And guess what? It’s not our place to make them understand. For some reason, it’s considered socially acceptable to ask about your religious beliefs, your income, and many other questions that Muggles would never have the impropriety to ask other Muggles.


Instead of feeling like you have to answer every question or defend yourself, you can deflect the question. This is a great Aikido technique, and I’ve seen some Buddhists use it as well. Here are some examples:

What to Say

Q: “So how’s that little hobby of yours going? Making any money yet? (hahaha)”

A: Thanks for asking. There are so many things I love about my business, but I’m on holiday now. I make it a rule not to talk about work when I’m on vacation. How are things going with you?

Q: “Are you still doing that weird magic stuff with those Devil cards?”

A: I’m glad you take such an interest in my spiritual path. It’s very important to me, but I prefer to keep it private. How about you? I hear there are some exciting new programs coming up at your church.

or, …Wow! You really decorated beautifully. Where did you get this?

Q: “When are you going to put this nonsense behind you and grow up and get a real job?”

A: Being an entrepreneur is a difficult path, but given the state of the economy and all the low wages and layoffs the past few years, I’m glad I’m in control of my own future. By the way, how are things going at your job? Got any new exciting projects you’re working on?

Now it’s your turn – what questions are you afraid of hearing (again) this year? Let us know if you’ve found a great answer that’s a win-win for everyone. Or post your question and let us help you come up with a solution.

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Live Before You Die

The Sun from Rider-Waite-Smith Tarot

The Sun from Rider-Waite-Smith Tarot

From the first breath you are told what to wear, what to say, what to do. Only after years of peeling back the troubled layers others place on you can the Truth of who You are emerge, whole and unscathed. This Hero’s Journey through the darkness ends with your triumphant return to the Light, represented by the Sun here from the Rider-Waite-Smith Tarot deck.

When you are willing to stand as an authority in your own right, you become a beacon of hope and light for others. Those who thought they were alone finally find solace and refuge in your wisdom and love. Others come out of hiding, leaving the refuges of their Hermit caves in order to bring forth their own gifts and Truths.

This journey is the hardest of all, but the only one which will allow you to truly live before you die.


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Queen of Cups – and Why I Want To Kill Her

queen of cups deviant art, Tarot The Queen of Cups (pictured here from Deviant Art’s vileone) has many sides. Just look at the way she sits smugly on her throne like, “la la la, everything’s fine.”

But it’s not fine.

If you are in a Queen of Cups moment, things are in process. Which can mean lots of turmoil and chaos.


As you might know from the Soul Journey Spread, the Queen of Cups is when you integrate all of the new learning you have been experiencing. It’s when you are re-examining your beliefs and finding a new way of doing things. It’s the time when you are connecting with your new Voice and your new POV (Point of View).

And it’s when you’re most likely to want to strangle people and eat cookies. Maybe at the same time.

coffe yet kill youWhat makes the Queen of Cups suck the most is that you’ve made it through what you think are the most difficult times. You’ve experienced some sort of hardship (The Tower), you’ve gone through the depression phase (the 5 of Pentacles), and now you’ve come out the other side.

This makes perfect sense if you’ve taken the Soul Journey Quiz.

(If you haven’t done that yet, WTF? Go do it now. I’ll wait.)surprised

Anyway, you think the worse is over and that you’re on the mend, and then this bitch comes along and makes you feel like the dog poo on the bottom of a nice new pair of leopard-print flats.

Don’t get me wrong, the Queen of Cups is compassionate about your Journey. She’s all about helping you weather the storms in your life and finding your center of calm no matter what.

But the shee-ite you have to go through to get there?

I’d rather pluck out all my eyebrows than continuously go through this shit.

[Tweet “Life would be so much easier if it wasn’t for all the…life parts.”]

It’s a little bit ridiculous.

I think we can all agree when I say, “Up Yours, Queen of Cups!”

I’m looking forward to the Strength card.

For Reals.


Avoid Fool-ish Decisions with the Fey Tarot

fool fey tarot Today’s card is the Fool from the Fey Tarot from Riccardo Minetti and Mara Aghem.

It’s over now, and the decision has been made, so I can finally talk about it. Some of you who are close to me have been seeing our struggle for the past month or two as a new promotion came up for my husband.

He’s been through a long process of whether or not they might offer him the job. But the catch is – we’d have to move. Again. We just moved across the country less than 2 years ago, and are just now getting settled into Omaha.

But I agreed that if it was the right opportunity, we’d be up and going again – this time to Wichita, Kansas. I wasn’t thrilled about the prospect but the joy of owning your own business is that you can work from anywhere, so of course I was up for it.

Brent was finally offered the position, but some things started to come out about the job that sounded a little…hinky.

So last night he suggested we do a Tarot reading, just to see. Normally I would call on another reader for a big life decision like this, but he told me basically, “They’ve offered me the position, and I have to give them an answer in the morning.”

Of course. So Brent shuffled the Angel Tarot deck by Doreen Virtue, and I pulled the snarky and oh-so-reliable Fey Tarot.

As I was about to start shuffling, my eye caught the Fool, and I said, “Okay, if the Fool comes up in this reading, I will know it’s a Foolish Decision, and we shouldn’t do it.”

Normally the Fool is all about moving forward, taking chances in life, and bold new opportunities.

But in this deck that just doesn’t seem right.

So wouldn’t you know it, the Fool actually showed up!

Between the cards Brent drew and the other cards from the Fey Tarot, it was pretty obvious that we should stay put for now, but that another opportunity might come up in the future.

When you’re doing a reading, sometimes it’s good to designate a card as a “definite yes” or “definite no.” You might be surprised what happens!

Happy New Year – 2016 is Coming Up Aces!

ace of stones, Quest Tarot Many years we start off as the Fool with new wonders and possibilities before us. But this year, 2016 is bringing us something quite different.

This is one of the most astrologically fortuitive years in a long time. Meaning this is THE year to get things done. To prosper in your business, find the love of your life, lose the weight, get your career on track. Whatever it is you’ve been wanting to do, it’s time to make it happen.

All signs point to YES!

The Ace of Cups, pictured here from the Quest Tarot, shows that you are not starting over. In fact, you are starting the year with all of your gained knowledge, all of your lessons learned, and all of your potential ready. You are right at the edge of your abundance – you merely need to trust and take the next step.

Where will you allow 2016 to take you? I’d love to hear about it in the comments below.